Some you win, some you lose!

Danielle brush & China Glaze Top Coat

Last weekend I was in that space where I was feeling a bit spendy, I had a couple of things that needed replacing but I’m really trying hard to keep to a  budget. So, having persuaded myself that I had to replace my foundation brush and that my top coat was far too gloopy to be used one more time I headed off to the shops. Now when I say shops I should say that we’re not talking Westfield or Oxford Street we’re talking Tooting – where even Superdrug has closed down and Boots has pretty well given up. But we do have TKMaxx and I sometimes manage to cure my need for great brands by finding the odd bargain there.

Now I’m not very knowledgeable about brushes. Until about a year ago I didn’t own any that didn’t come with products. This all changed when I got the Final Checks Brushes from Danielle Everitt and I posted then about not really knowing what all the brushes were for. Since then I use several brushes each day in my make-up routine. Sadly the foundation brush was looking a bit worse for wear and (this is where I went wrong) I thought that I could probably find a good replacement for not very much money. I know, I know, I can here you shouting at me! I should have got a replacement from Danielle or at least chosen a well-known brand. Still, I was trying to stick to my budget and so I selected the Danielle Creations Foundation Brush. It cost £4.99 and it looked nice in the pack and knowing that TKMaxx reductions are pretty good I thought that I might have found myself a bargain. Wrong! It does look lovely to be fair but the bristles are just too synthetic – they don’t really pick up the product and they just scrape the product on rather that blend it. What a shame. I still need a replacement but with limited funds I’m not sure what brand to try next. Any recommendations? Would really like to know that I’m not going to waste any more money but I still have a gap in my brush collection.

My second purchase from TK Maxx turned out to be much better. I chose the China Glaze No Chip Top Coat for just £3.99. When I got home and read reviews before trying it, I was a bit worried as everyone said that it takes for ever to dry and that they wouldn’t buy it again.  I thought that I didn’t have much to lose at this stage as I’d already paid my money and gave it a try. it gives a really high gloss finish and as I’d heard about the long dry time I used my Elegant Touch Rapid Dry for Nails and it was perfect! My polish lasted for around 5 days before I got any chips. So that success almost made up for my brush disaster. So that’s why I say some you win, some you lose!

Have you had any disastrous purchases when you’ve been trying to save money? Do share in the comments below.


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5 thoughts on “Some you win, some you lose!”

    1. No not yet. I thought maybe the GOSH brush would be OK but it’s not a patch on my final checks one. Some people have suggested Zoeva. It’s hard to know till you actually buy it and then it’s too late!


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