Timeless Truth Apple Stem Cell Collagen Mask – Review

App;e Collagen Mask
App;e Collagen Mask

Last night – very late last night I decided to give my skin a treat and rummaging in my sample bag I found this Timeless Truth BioCellulose Apple Stem Cell Collagen Facial Beauty Mask .

They say:

“This bio cellulose mask is the ultimate in state of the art anti-ageing skincare. Bio Cellulose is a nano scoptic fibre that is highly compatible with the human body and can deeply penetrate through the inner layers of the skin whilst allowing the skin to breathe. Fitting the skin ‘like a glove’ the occlusion allows even coverage of the serum containing the highly active ingredients. Using Stem Cells extracted from Swiss Apple Uttuiler Spattauber the skin is nourished and stimulated. The apple Stem Cells act in a very similar way also to human skin cells, so, they help repair damaged tissue and help delay and reduce the visible signs of ageing.”

It sounded like it’s a miracle worker so I thought I’d give it a go. The mask is fabric soaked in a very thick clear serum. I put it on my pre-cleansed face and …..well I would show you what it looked like but suffice it to say that I looked like the a zombie and would rather not share. Anyway I reclined on the bed reading my Twitter feed for 15 mins and then removed the mask. I massaged the residue into my skin and followed that with my normal night cream as directed.

So how did it feel? Well the mask was cooling if a little claustrophobic. Did I think that it made a difference to my skin – not really. But the directions do say that you should use the masks regularly so perhaps it’s a little much to expect a result from one mask.

If you think that you would like to give it a try you can buy them here for £7.95 each.


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