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The Creator

Jen Atkin is the woman behind the OUAI brand. let me just leave that there a moment. We’re talking about the person who’s styled hair for the likes of  Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Emma Stone, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, Cindy Crawford, Katy Perry, and Christina Hendricks and worked with designers and models inlcuding Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Marchesa, and Christian Dior.

She works in beauty, print, film, music video, runway, red carpet, celebrity, and advertising. Her creations are covered by Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Esquire, Nylon, Allure, and W Mag and photographers Annie Leibovitz, Ellen Von Unwurth, Rankin, Warwick Saint, Walter Chin, and Patrick Demarchelier.

I’d say that’s a pretty good measure in anyone’s book of what makes someone experienced, stylish, relevant and generally in the best position to produce a fabulous hair care range!

The Concept

I’d been searching for a way to capture the essence of what the OUAI brand is about and then found this on the brand’s about page – “A brand that looks dope enough to Instagram, but epic enough to actually get the job done? Yes OUAI.” For those of you who have an aversion to the strapline and sound bite approach here’s a little more.

Jen Atkin was in that place that all women have found themselves in. You’ve tried everything, you’ve asked all your mates and yet you just can’t find exactly what you need to make your hair look and feel how you want it to. The difference (or one of the differences) between her and us is that she’s done something about it!

OUAI haircare is a range of luxury products that are simple, affordable, and classic. They’re also easy to use and Jenifer’s aim has been to replicate what happens backstage at a fashion show  and make it easy for us all to do our hair in 15 minutes and look fabulous!

The Products

The range caters for all hair types and covers daily care, styling, treatments and travel sizes. I selected four products to trial which were the Repair Shampoo (£22) and Conditioner (£20), the Treatment Masque (£25) and the Finishing Crème (£20).

  • The Repair Shampoo is designed to replenishes moisture and to strengthen hair that’s prone to breakage to leave hair stonger and shinier. Also to protect colour it’s free of parabens and sulfates and isn’t tested on animals.
  • The Repair Conditioner is a potent hydrator to feed damaged hair without adding weight. It aims to give you nourished healthy looking hair and again it protects colour and is free of parabens and isn’t tested on animals.
  • The Treatment Masque comes in sachets that give you just the right amount of product each time It’s described as a restorative healing mask formulated to repair damage in minutes and to leave your hair soft and smooth after just one treatment. Ingredients include Artichoke Leaf Extract to seal the cuticle and protect hair from future damage. And you guessed it it’s free of parabens and there’s no animal testing.
  • The Finishing Crème Described as lotion for your hair it’s a lightweight crème to protect your hair from styling and to smooth dry ends. It’s designed for fine-medium and gives a light-reflective shine. It’s … already know the rest haha!

The Experience

I’ve been using my selection of OUAI product over the last few weeks. The and I’ve been considering how they work as a total package. My hair is very over processed and dry at the ends so it really needed all four products to get the promised result on the first use. However the masque worked it’s magic in minutes and I’ve found that I don’t need to use it on every wash as it’s effects lasted on through several washes. I tend to use the finishing every day between washes to to tame flyaways and I’m really pleased with the over all outcome when using these OUAI products as part of by hair care “ritual”. Oh and  I agree that they’re instagrammable too!

Where To Buy

OUAI hair products are available to buy in places like Space NK, Selfridges and Cult Beauty

Let me know if you’ve tried OUAI  I’d love to hear what you think!


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Feeling the Benefit

Those that know me well will know that I can be stubborn. If everyone is saying that you just have to try something then I’ll be the one that’s cynical and thinking that it’s all marketing hype and refusing to consider it. Even when the hype is about a brand as well known and successful as Benefit and whose products I already own and cherish – I’m still that stubborn.

Still as you will no doubt have guessed I’ve started writing this today because I want to tell you about another couple of Benefit products that are impressing me right now – and I’m using everyday. They are the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil and the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara.

Goof Proof Brow Pencil £18.50

Goof Proof3


Goof Proof4

Now I’m guessing that if you’re a blogger, make-up artist or a friend of either of these then you’ll have got your self a sample of the Goof Proof Brow Pencil recently. Benefit had another of their twitter sample sharing sprees and so we all got a mini version. So apologies to all those of you who’ve seen this and made up your own mind about it but here goes.

Most recently I’ve been using brow gels like the Benefit Gimme Brow (reviewed here) and the Rimmel Brow This Way (reviewed here) but in the past I’ve been most successful with doing my brows with twist up angled brow pencils like the Eyebrow Stylist from Sleek. This Benefit version is every bit as good but with one further enhancement – the shade is a slightly better match for me.

Benefit describe it as having “a custom, non-sharpen “goof proof” tip, soft colour and a glide-on formula for super easy eyebrow filling.” It’s also 12 hour waterproof and comes in six different shades. They recommend using thir Ready Set Brow Gel on top. (Another product I need to try if I can get over my stubborness!)

Roller Lash Mascara £19.50


This was an occasion when I actually recognised that Benefit had produced some of the best mascaras that I’ve used. You may have read about my experiences with They’re Real mascara and primer which I love.

So I went to a Benefit counter to take a look and get some help with a decision over whether to buy They’re Real again or whether the Roller Lash might be better for my lashes. After a bit of a chat and a mutual appreciation of Benefit in general we decided that the formula and (just as importantly) the brush, would be the best for my tiny lashes.

I’ve been using it every day since and I’m really loving how it makes my lashes look and how my eyes look wider. It doesn’t stick my lashes together either. It is a little bit of a chore to remove at night but I’d rather that than have it smudging under my eyes during the day.

So like it says in the title I’ve been feeling the Benefit again – maybe I should just stop fighting the hype where Benefit is concerned!

What do you think? Are you put off by too much hype or do you just splash the cash as soon as a new product is feted in the press? Or do you only do that for Benefit?


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3 Top Ways To Cleanse With Avène

I always have at least two cleansers on the go  – one to remove my make-up and then one to cleanse my skin. I usually use a cleansing balm or cream to lift away make-up and then follow with a foam or gel cleanser to make sure that my pores aren’t blocked and my skin feels clean without getting dried out.

For this post I’ve been trying out three cleansers from Avène. They’re aimed at different skin types but I found that I was able to use all of them within my routine for my combination skin.

1 Eau Thermale Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser  

Avene say that this is formulated for dry, sensitive skin. It’s moisture enriched and gently cleanses skin without altering its protective barrier. It’s designed to be massaged into your skin with your fingers but I apply and remove it with cotton pads. For me this is definitely for use at the make-up removing stage as it’s rich and creamy and lifts make-up gently. I found that I needed something a little extra for heavy duty mascara though, but that’s not unusual for this type of cleanser – it’s gentle.


2 Eau Thermale Avene Cleansing Foam

This newly launched cleansing foam is designed for oily skin. It’s a soft gentle formula that designed to cleanse and remove make-up. It’s a soothing, hydrating and rebalancing formula that’s suitable for combination skin.

Ingredients include:

  • glutamic acid for pore tightening and mattifying
  • thermal spring water for it’s soothing and anti-irritation properties
  • lactic acid for hydration, softness and suppleness

I used it as the cleansing stage of my double cleanse process rather than to remove make up. I find I need something a little richer around the eye area and especially to lift eye make up. Still I found it met it’s stated aims to “leave you and your skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalised!” And it’s a really handy and quick product to use.


3 Eau Thermale Avene Micellar Lotion

This one claims to be able to remove all your make up and is formulated for all types of skin. I love micellar products and they’re generally great all-rounders. This one’s been developed to both cleanse and remove all traces of face, eye and lip make-up as well as to protect the skin’s natural barrier. For me it succeeded for all except in removing the stubborn mascara products I mentioned before. Still I happily used this as a first stage make up remover and then followed up with the foaming cleanser. That isn’t a necessity it’s just my preference.

Ingredients include:

  • micelle molecules to gently lift away impurities
  • alpha-bisabolol to clean, soften and soothe.


There’s definitely something here for everyone from this quality French brand with the famous spring water at it’s heart.

Are any of these in your top three? Let me know what you think in the comments box below!


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Empties – July 2016

Time for a nosey at what I’ve been using up this month! In fact I’m a little late with this but I’m hoping you won’t mind too much.

Skinceuticals Metacell Renewal B3

SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewal B3

Loved this luxurious emulsion which I used at the serum stage of my skincare routine. I’ve reviewed it previously here and it’s available to buy here priced £96 so it’s one to choose when you’re feeling spendy.

Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer


This is one of those products that you don’t know you need and then become addicted to – then you just don’t know how to manage without it. Really must replace this one! I’ve reviewed it previously here – you can find it here priced £15.50.

Nu Colour Curling Mascara

curl mascara

I tend to find that you find mascara perfection only when the formula of the mascara and the brush are completely right for your lashes. This Nu Colour Curling Mascara gets pretty close. It’s £24.04 here and I’ve previously reviewed it here.

Prai  Radiant Gemtone Caviar Triple Matrixyl Serum

Prai serum

This Prai  Radiant Gemtone Caviar Triple Matrixyl Serum  had been pushed to the bottom of my drawer – it’s the fate of many products that I get to sample as each new sample comes along. So glad I resurrected this one recently and finished up every last drop! I’ve reviewed it previously here and it’s for sale here priced £33.

Superdrug Dragonfruit and Vanilla Showercream

Superdrug Dragonfruit & Vanilla Fruity Shower Gel

This Superdrug Dragonfruit & Vanilla Shower Gel impressed me. First because it smells so good and is really gentle and creamy on the skin and then just now when I searched it on line and found that it costs 99p! Even better it’s currently on offer for 78p here – madness!

Superdrug Coconut and Sweet Almond Shampoo

Superdrug Extracts Shampoo Coconut & Almond 400mlskin

This Coconut & Sweet Almond Shampoo is another gorgeous smelling own brand product from Superdrug. As a shampoo it does the job and it comes in at £2.29 for 400ml and is currently on offer here for £1.09! Craziness!

SkinPep Wrinkle Clear

150328 Wrinkle Clear

Last up it’s the Skin Pep Wrinkle Clear Serum – this is one from way back (you can probably tell by the photo quality if nothing else!) It’s a brilliant brand and you can read my review here. This one will cost you £22.49 for 50mls here. What I do love from Skin Pep though is that you can buy samples and smaller sizes of each product (7ml is £3.99).

This  month I also cleared out a number of mascaras and foundations that I’d used a bit but not got to the end of before they’d dried up or gone off. I’ve decided that means I didn’t love them quite enough to finish and so I’ve not included them as empties.

Hope you’re having a great summer!


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Review – Liquid Metals from Eye of Horus


Eye of Horus is an Australian brand with a range of eye makeup based on Ancient Egyptian formulas, with ingredients including organic moringa oil claimed by the gods for its beautifying and regenerating powers.

The concept is that it’s designed to Awaken The Goddess Within ® every woman – a Goddess who knows she is beautiful the way she is, confident in herself and worthy of all the love in the world.

The award winning range of eye products is wax and oil based, and is paraben, nut and gluten free, is great for sensitive eyes and not tested on animals.


The Eye Of Horus Liquid Metal Liners are long-wearing and smudge-proof. They’re so easy to apply. The brush is really fine and you can apply a thin line close to the lash or apply a little more pressure to broaden the brush stroke.

The colours are divine! I found it a real struggle to decide which to wear first. Available shades are:

  • ancient pewter
  • imperial bronze
  • alchemy gold
  • copper sphinx

I’ve always been a sucker for shiny shadows with golds and bronzes being my most used shades so these liners really hit the spot with me and they have different tones depending on the lighting.


These liners really do stay on well and when I tested them on my hand they wouldn’t move with hand-wash, or cleanser. I had to use an oil based product and rub firmly. When I wore them all day they lasted the distance too and didn’t budge or smudge!

They’re infused with aloe vera leaf extract, lavender flower water and evening primrose oil that sooth the eyelid and give you the goddess look at the same time.


I absolutely love them and to steal a phrase from a popular game – “you gotta catch ’em all”! They cost £16.50 each here.


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Discovering Ekia – Organic Anti-Ageing Skincare


At a recent press day I met Carine Mudry, the creator of EKIA, a unique certified organic anti-ageing skincare range from France. Carine told me about how she consulted with dermatologists and completed a clinical study in order to find the perfect anti-ageing ingredient. This study led to the discovery of the brand’s valuable active ingredient known as Dragon’s Blood.

Her unique approach to anti-ageing has been to identify three different mature skin types that aren’t defined by the age of the skin but by how weakened the skin is and each of these types needs a different solution from a skincare product. The three distinct  types of mature skin are well preserved, weakened, and damaged and Ekia have a specific face cream for each of these.

As we spoke Carine suggested that we go through a questionnaire to identify my skin type. If you would like to complete the questionnaire you can find it here. My skin type fell between well preserved and weakened but I took Carine’s expert advice and decided to try a product for weakened skin – Ekia Cream Intense.

Its key features are:

  • complete anti-ageing skincare
  • organic certified
  • regenerates skin
  • repairs the skin renewal processes
  • nourishes to restore natural vitality
  • effectively treat wrinkles, sagging, brown pigment spots and skin dryness

Promised results are:

  • Immediate: skin is more supple and comfortable
  • In one month: skin texture is finer
  • In 3 months: skin is firmer, wrinkles have diminished, marks are less visible, and the complexion is bright

I’ve been trialling Ekia Creme Intense for a little over two weeks so I’m at the supple and comfortable first stage. It’s a dense cream that feels quite rich when it goes on but does sink in quite well. At the time of writing I applied the cream 14 hours ago and I have to say it’s still feeling really great.

Also on the same day I got another Ekia product – this time not prescribed specifically for my skin but it was nestling among beauty treats in my goodie bag. It’s the Ekia Eyelid Lifting Serum.

This is a clear gel serum that feels really cooling and fresh as it goes on. You can feel it lifting and tightening immediately – exactly what’s needed for tired eyes. It’s organic certified and highly concentrated in lifting active ingredients.

Promised results are:

  • Immediate: the eyelids are lifted, the eyes look wider and brighter.
  • In 3 months: the eyelids are lastingly firmer, the eyes look less tired.

As before I’m at the initial stages with this product but that’s fine by me with such immediate results!

Ekia products are available on line here now. They’re also stocked in selected Whole Foods Market stores and are coming soon to Holland & Barrett stores.


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Book Review – Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe

eatbeautiful4 (2)

Much as I love books I haven’t reviewed many on my blog as they’re rarely a fit for the topic. Still when I got my hands on Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe I instantly recognised that the subject matter was a perfect match for me and the blog. Eating and beauty is what I’m all about!

I won this copy as a giveaway prize and it’s signed by the author Wendy Rowe. Wendy has more than 20 years experience working with A list models and  celebrities. (The foreword is by Sienna Miller – yes she’s that well  connected!) She’s an international make-up artist and beauty expert and is Burberry’s artistic consultant for beauty.


I’m pretty sure that most of us inherently know the “we are what we eat” concept and that eating well and healthily has a direct effect on how good we feel and look. In this beautifully presented hard back book Wendy has brought together recipes, beauty routines and tips that are based on nutrient boosting ingredients.

With sections on beauty & food, seasonal chapters, beauty tips, healing herbs and spices, supplements and superfoods and a guide to nutrients the content and photography is a feast for the senses.

It’s laid out in a clean and crisp style that’s in easily digestible chunks that you want to read rather than acres of dense text that read like a sermon.


I have to confess that I can’t make up my mind whether to add this to my coffee table beauty book collection to dip in and out of – I’m particularly intrigued to try some of the DIY beauty treatments – or to keep it in the kitchen for inspiration for healthy meals (or the odd treat – there’s a gorgeous flourless orange and almond cake I want to try). I think that what I’m trying to say is that this is a book that I’ll turn to time and again for inspiration and information wherever it resides in my home.



With praise from the likes of Victoria Beckham, Cara Delavingne and Christopher Bailey it’s not just me that thinks that Wendy’s knowledge and experience is really something to value. If you’d like to get a hold of a copy for yourself then here’s where to look.




I learned how to wash my hair!


When I attended a blogger event for Swell recently I was expecting to learn all about the award winning brand and its founders Andrew Bidwell and Jonathan Stallick but I wasn’t expecting to learn something really fundamental that works and that is how to wash my hair!

Andrew Bidwell (the hairdresser behind the brand) started by explaining some of the mistakes that we all make when cleansing and caring for our hair (whether it’s fine or not). He told us the usual routine is that people pour a whole heap of shampoo into their hands and apply it to the roots, lengths and ends of the hair. His big message is that no one needs to wash the ends of their hair. You should concentrate on cleansing the roots and then the rinsing away of the product from the roots will be enough to cleanse the lengths and ends of the hair!

He went onto explain the best method for washing is to start with applying shampoo to the roots at the lower part of the back of your head by bringing your hands upwards from the back of the neck and massaging it into the roots. You should then apply shampoo to the next section of the back of your head bringing your hands in from the side of your head and lifting up the section at the roots and massaging in the shampoo. Carry on applying section by section till you reach the top of your head and all the roots are covered and then rinse away.

With the conditioner it’s the opposite. You generally don’t need to apply conditioner to the roots only the ends and lengths. If you happen to be one of those people who have a need for a bit of conditioning at the roots because you have frizz then Andrew advises that you use the tiniest amount at the last minute and only leave it on for seconds before rinsing it away.

Now of course I’m going to tell you all about the brand and it’s efficacy in this post but I just wanted to say that simple though this instruction is it’s the overriding takeaway message from the event for me – and I’ve tried it now and it works – brilliant!

Goodie bag

So now to the Swell Hair Care brand developed by the founders Jonathan Stallick, leading homeopath and top London hairdresser Andrew Bidwell to address the problems  people face with fine limp hair. They found that whist there were plenty of styling products available there was little that provided long term results and even less availability of products that achieve this naturally.

So at Swell they’ve developed a volume hair care system that uses a blend of botanical extracts to provide a 3 step system:

The 3 step system creates stronger healthier hair over time. It cleans the hair of silicone build up and ensure it receives the nourishment it needs. It optimises existing hair from day one and then treats the roots to help hair to grow stronger and healthier.


Key features are:

  • adds immediate volume
  • enhanced with 18 active botanicals to combat hormones that cause hair to thin and encouraging hair growthi
  • reduces hair loss meaning up to 50% less shedding
  • three hero ingredients peruvian maca, blue lupin extract and swiss apple stem extract stimulate growth, improve strength and reduce hair loss
  • stimulates hair follicles to improve growth by 93%
  • reduced static
  • increased colour-fastness
  • superior detangling

I’ve not tried out these products yet and I’ll be passing them to a friend to trial (she has really fine hair). The 3 step starter kit (contents pictured above) is available priced £23.50  which gives you the chance to make sure it’s right for you before investing in the full sizes.

Swell Serum and Dry Shampoo

There are further products in the range here and I’ll be trying out the Ultimate Protect and Renew Serum developed to banish frizz and to give hair sleek, hydrated look and the Ultimate Volume Dry Shampoo which promises to brings 24 hour freshness and body to all hair types and reporting back. If you can’t wait to try all the products yourself then here’s where to find them.

Have you got any haircare hints and tips to share? Comment below – it’s never to late to learn!



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Getting the glow with Temple Spa

I’m a bit of an awkward tanner to be perfectly honest. I’m fair skinned and tend to burn more readily than I tan. If I want to gain a golden look it takes me days and days to gently build it up and loving in London that’s difficult to achieve. Still I’ve never been tempted to use any form of fake tan – ever. So what made me change my mind? I had the opportunity to try two gorgeous looking products from Temple Spa.

Goldentini Body Oil & Glaze


This was the product of the two that I was most attracted to as I’ve always been partial to a bit of golden shimmer – especially for summer. The Goldentini Body Oil is an omega rich skin glaze that nourishes skin and gives a lustrous sheen with special photo-reflecting agents. It’s a non-permanent bronzer that washes off when you shower. Temple Spa describe the key benefits as being:

  • Lusciously lightweight skin glaze
  • Suits all skin tones
  • Quickly absorbed
  • Non-greasy touch
  • Sophisticated bronzer for the body
  • Brightens up skin that doesn’t have a tan
  • Enhancing an existing tan
  • Adds the finishing touch to your appearance

My experience was that it goes on easily and moisturised my skin well, soaking in and being dry to the touch within minutes. It provides a sheer wash of golden colour that’s right for my colouring. It doesn’t look like a fake tan at all and smells lovely. I’ve used it on my shoulders arms and decolletage as well as my legs. Perfect!

Available here priced £25 for 50ml.

Sol Mate Self Tan Soufflé

Sol Mate

This was the product that I was most reluctant to try. As I’ve said I’ve never used self tan before and I witnessed lots of friends make mistakes with self tan. Then there are all those photos of people looking orange and smelling oddly of biscuits!

Of course there are so many pluses to using fake tan – we all like the look of a healthy looking tan but we don’t want to expose ourselves to harmful UV, risk sun damage or accelerate the ageing process. Sol Mate’s Key benefits are listed as:

  • a breakthrough tanner that gives a natural, buildable tan without the risk of streaking, blotches or uneven tone
  • can be reapplied every other day to keep the colour longer or deepen the tone
  • combines serious skincare properties with a healthy sunless tan
  • high quality formula is hydrating to the skin, rich in natural extracts and essential oils
  • beautifully fragrance
  • anti-ageing benefits

So, this is the awkward bit. I really wanted this to work and to be able to say that this had converted me to using fake tans but it didn’t quite work like that. I made sure that I read all the tips and made sure that I exfoliated with a scrub first and then moisturised especially around drier areas like my heels and knees. I bought a special mitt to apply it with so that it would go on smoothly and wouldn’t stain my hands. I was all set.

First good thing about it was that it has a beautiful scent due to the ingredients which included cocoa butter, sweet orange, tarragon, geranium, wild mint, citronella, olive leaf, lemon, grape leaf, thyme, fennel. So no bad smells here!

So onto application – and here’s where I think that I fell down on the task. I decided to use it on my legs as a trial and I patiently and smoothly applied the product to my thighs and then as I got further down my leg I got a bit slap dash and then for my feet I just kind of swiped it over the top of my foot. I think that I had in mind that as this was a buildable product and as I’d previously tried the Goldentini which added a very light colour that this would give me a golden wash.

I was so wrong! I’d planned to wear a summer dress and sandals the next day and instead I had to bring out my tights. My thighs, where I’d applied the product properly were a lovely golden colour but my calves were blotchy and orangey and my feet – oh dear – some toes had stained cuticles and others were white and my heels were a rusty colour! Now I really can’t blame the product – just my poor application- but what I should say is that if you’re used to applying self tan then you’ll be fine but if you’re impatient and inexperienced like me then you might be better to get  a professional to apply it for you.

Available here priced £25 for 150ml.

Have you got any stories of self tan success or failure? What are your favourite tanning products? Do share them with me.


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La Roche-Posay Launch Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant

When you get an invite from La Roche-Posay to the launch of a new product – you know it’s going to be something special. This is the brand that has had beauty experts crossing the channel to bag themselves products before they are available here – they’re just that good. This week’s London launch proved to be just as popular as I’d expected and when I arrived just a few minutes after the event was sheduled to start the venue was already packed with press and bloggers spilling out of the door – that’s how keen we all were to find out about the latest thing from LRP!


So what was all the fuss about?  It’s the Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant – a dual action anti-imperfection formula with sheer coverage and all the efficacy of the award winning Effaclar Duo (+). It’s proven to treat and reduce blemishes in 24 hours and is enhanced with a mattifying 100% mineral pigment tint that instantly reduces redness and evens out skin tone.


We heard from beauty and skincare experts and I was most interested to hear about how we can utilise this new product in our skincare routine. I was amused to hear that in the beauty world the UK is referred to as the “foundation nation” which is a reflection of how much british women prefer a fuller coverage from their base products.


We were given some examples of how it can be used either on it’s own or beneath our usual base as a primer – at or after the gym to tone down the redness when you’re not cooled down enough for a full face of make-up was one example. Personally, on a daily basis I prefer a medium coverage (it’s no secret that my go to base is the Effaclar BB Blur Cream). Still today I’ve been wearing a no make-up look wearing the Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant on it’s own with just some brow gel, mascara and lip tint. It’s not a look I’m quite comfortable with but it feels really good and I know it’s doing a great job at calming the odd spot or two and I’m planning on wearing it as a primer when I need a more made up look.



It’s available in 2 universal shades Fair/Light and Light/Medium. I’ve used the Fair/Light version above. As in the whole of the Effaclar range the active ingredients are:

  • Niacinamide – an anti inflammatory ingredient for intensive smoothing
  • Piroctone Olamine  – to combat bacterial infection
  • LHA – for keratolytic action (speeding cell renewal)
  • Linoleic Acid – to regulate sebum
  • Procerad – a pluripotent ceramide to diffuse inflammation within 1 day and prevent and treat post inflammatory hyperpigmentation


LRP are results focussed and their research shows:

  • 91% said the product is lightweight on the skin
  • 78% said marks, redness and colour imperfections were minimised
  • 75% of women said the product smoothed skin

It’s anti imperfection performance claims are:

  • From 24 hours – imperfections are visibly less red
  • From 8 days – imperfections are reduced
  • From 4 weeks – pores are unclogged, skin texture is refined and oily areas appear regulated


I’m glad to have added the Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant to my skincare toolkit. If you’d like to try it it’s available here priced £16.50.

What’s your favourite LRP product? I’d love to hear from you and to to try your recommendations.


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