Review – Nars Sheer Glow Foundation & Space NK

I finally found a great excuse to visit my local Space NK again. I don’t know why but I’d always thought that the shop looked a bit intimidating. I had a perception of place full of up market products and beautifully made up women that looked like they might judge you if your eye-liner isn’t just so.

Then a few weeks ago I wanted to buy a gift for my daughter and having walked through a local department store and not been able to get any assistance i decided it was time to explore. I had the best experience there. They took time to find just the right product, in the right shade, wrapped it beautifully and even added a few samples. They helpfully signed me up to their loyalty card too. The assistants were the loveliest most knowledgeable people and my fears were unfounded.

So yesterday, I realised there was no way I could get another day’s use out of my Clinique foundation. Having asked around among my blogger buddies there were two recommendations on which brand I should try and as one of them, Charlotte Tilbury, wasn’t available in any of the stores near where I work I settled on seeking out NARS Sheer Glow Foundation.

140819 Space NK bag

On arrival at the store, I was quickly approached by an assistant who was happy to stop what she was doing to pay me full attention. She asked me several questions to help me select the best type of foundation for my skin. She then colour-matched the foundation and took time to explain the best way to apply the foundation applying it fully for me so that I didn’t have to make a judgement just on a patch test. Once I’d decided on a shade (Sante Fe) I asked whether there was anything else that I should consider buying from the range once payday comes. she gladly demonstrated a complementary concealer. To finish off she kindly noted down the shades of the products she had demonstrated for future use. I didn’t for a moment feel hurried or pressurised to buy and I certainly didn’t feel judged. I love the shop and can’t wait to buy and try more brands and products when my budget allows.

NARS 140819

So, what do I think of the foundation? Well, I love it of course, but there’s more to say. I’d read recommendations and tried out the product in the store but I’d forgotten all about the pump issue. What pump issue is that then? It’s the one where there isn’t a pump dispenser on the foundation bottle. I know there was one on the bottle that was demonstrated in Space NK. So I looked it up online. They’re sold separately – a bit annoying and another £3. Not a lot you say but till an extra 10% on the price just so you can dispense the right amount of product. Then you see that they’re really difficult to get hold of – but I guess I can get one online and wait a few days but what’s this? Once you put the pump on the bottle the lid doesn’t fit???? NARS really? Surely you can do better than this? But if you can’t – then you’ll have to forgive me but I’ll be looking out for a substitute brand that delivers on all aspects.

140819 NARS Foundation

Forgetting the packaging issue the foundation itself is perfect for me. It smooths on easily with the fingertips. No, not with a brush, it’s recommended that you apply a small amount to the skin with your fingers so that it warms the product. You can touch it up with a brush if you like. It blended into my skin easily and didn’t look cakey or sit in my lines and wrinkles. It felt smooth to the touch,  not greasy and I loved how it looked. It lasted well through the day too. It costs a not too outrageous £37.00 here.

So NARS I’m loving what you do – but could you just try a bit harder?

Want to share your NARS and Space NK experiences? I’d love to hear them. Leave me a comment below.


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