Superdrug Unlock AW14


Yesterday I was the guest of Superdrug and ZPR at  their press event – #Unlock AW14. I had such a lovely welcome and was able to see not only all the new  products for Autumn and Christmas but I saw some of them demonstrated in two masterclasses.

The first was a demonstration of a halloween/autumn look using products from the Superdrug B range. In the picture are the B.Complete Eyeshadow Palette in  Dead of Night containing three eyeshadows and a  primer, a B. lipstick in Gothika and B.Confident Colour Correction Cream SP45 in medium.


autumn look 2


First the BB cream was applied to give a dewy fresh look. Then  the eye shadow primer to prepare the eye and give the colour something to cling onto. To achieve the gothic look some kohl was applied. You can hear more about this in the report of the second masterclass  below. We were advised to apply kohl on the lash line before the eyeshadow was applied to give a smokey  blended effect. One really good tip is to use grey kohl when you use lighter colurs and black for darker colours. We also learned that when using several colours and blending them you should start with the darker colour and then use lighter colurs to lighten the look. Using the lighter colour at the inner eye really opens up the eye. Tips were coming thick and fast and I found out that really matte colurs are harder to blend than shimmery ones so if you want to blend choose shades with at least a degree of shimmer. After building a strong look around the eye we were told that  if you decide to make eyes and lips strong then you shouldn’t use strong colour on the cheek too. This is a bit of a change from the old advice to either choose lips or eyes. Times change.


140910 autumn masterclass
Aurumn/Gothic look masterclass
140910 Masterclass
Masterclass delegates


The focus then moved to the lips. We were shown how to create ombre lips. As it was a Halloween look the darkest part of the ombre look was creasted with black kohl and liner with the darkest shades at the corner of the lips. To set the colour on the lip eyeshadow went on top of the liner and then a second layer of liner and kohl was added to build depth. The beautifully rich Gothik lip colour was then added at the centre of the lips and on the cupid’s bow. That completed the glamorous Halloween Look.

We were invited to ask questions and then I went for a wander around to see more of the wide range of products but before very long I was lured back for another masterclass. This time to comcentrate on how to use liners and kohls to define the eye.

This time the  make-up artist used the Studio Lash & Line Eyeliner Collection. This is a super set that contains mascara, eyeliner, eye crayon and eyeshadow akk in one place with a really helpful pictorial guide in the box. This is just one of the kits that wil be available from Ocober for just £8.


140910 Studio liner set


We were shown two looks both starting off with the silvery white eyeshadow over the primer base and then building drama with first the kohl and then on the other eye with the liquid liner. The look was stunning but when we were invited to ask questions I asked for advice for how to make the look work for an older woman. We agreed that it was best to avoid harsh black lines and to go for soft smokey lines and without doubt to avoid shimmer!

I had such an informative evening viewing the products and finding out more about them. There were far too many things to mention and in any case I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise of all the great things that you’ll find in store at Superdrug  between October and December but I’ll show you a few more pics to g1ive you a flavour. I’ll also be reviwing some of the amzing products that I brought hiome with me. I’m sure that the value for money will be hard to beat. What I’ll be looking for stayability (is that a word?) too!

140910 Makeup revolution 2


140910 Models Own

140910 Paul's Boutique


140910 Studio Nail Set


140910 Studio


So now you’ve got the flavour and it won’t be long before you can start to shop for all those Christmas presents. (oh dear, i’ve said thre C word!)  And you’ll also see lots of own-brand products that are so well priced that you won’t be able to stop yourself from  adding a few treats to your basket.

Oh and I almost forgot there was a whole health section there too that I only just had time to visit! So that was what kept me busy last night after work! Look out for reviews of some of the products that you’ve seen here and maybe a few more! So you have any favourite Superdrug products? Tell me about them below. I always answer my comments and appreciate every one.



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