Reviews – W7 Eye make-up

W7 eye make up

Everyone loves a little treat mid week don’t they? So when I got this lovely little package of eye make-up products from W7 it really made my day. I’ve been quite a fan of W7 becuse they always manage to have just the thing you need and most times it’s under a fiver! I’ve bought brow kits and liners in the past and you really can’t beat them on value for money.

In my parcel were the three lovely pieces you can see in the picture – from top to bottom they are: Showing Out Mascara in Blackest Black, Eyeliner Pot in Black, and Perfect Eyes eye shadow in Lagoon.

I couldn’t wait to try out all of them – I have to say though that the results were a bit of a mixed bag – for a variety of reasons really.

First up I tried the Eyeliner Pot – I’m not really sure why I did. Well I do – I wanted to be able to say for sure that it’s a great product – and it is. It goes on easily and is a really black black – you know what I mean don’t you? Then it stayed in place really well. I didn’t keep it on for long, because it was way to harsh a look for me – and not really age appropriate. But when I tried to take it off it took a fair few wipes of the make-up remover before it budged – which is good right? It’s £4.95 here.

Then I tried the Showing Out Mascara. Now I’m a little bit picky with mascara because I have such teeny little lashes that it takes an amazing product to make them show at all and I also need to have a smallish brush. So for me this was a bit of a disappointment. The mascara was really runny and I had to wipe a whole load of it off the brush. Then when I applied it it hardly coated my lashes at all and didn’t make them longer or fuller. So I guess it would only be ok if you already had long, full lashes. As for the brush, they had really tried hard on the brush design. It had a rounded bobbly end which is intended to help you reach awkward places. For me, it just got in the way and made me smudge mascara under my lower lashes. It you want to give it a go though it’s a snip at £4.95 here.

The third of my treats (i’m grateful for them all honest!) was the stunning Perfect Eyes eye shadow in Lagoon. It’s a really deep rich ocean greeny-blue in the pan with a shimmer to it. I try not to wear shimmery colours as they don’t flatter crepey eye-lids believe me so I tried it on my hand. It’s rich and creamy with a strong pigment but it comes up a little lighter on application although just as intense if that makes sense. There are 10 shades, all at the teeny price of £3.95 here.

I still love W7 for those days when pay day is far away and you just have to buy some make-up but maybe these pieces weren’t quite right for me.

Have you got bits of W7 in your make-up bag?

Let me know in the comments box below.



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