A little taste of my DHC delights!

I discovered DHC as a brand really recently and really love the different approach that is has to beauty . It’s Japan’s top beauty company and I’m really enjoying trying out all of the products one by one. Some of them are just better versions of what we get here from our mainstream brands whereas others are a little more innovative. They seem to have a product for every eventuality. You might have already read my post about the pore cleansing oil and facial wash hereAnd if you haven’t what are you waiting for – I’m loving them!

Anyway, the thing is I have a whole bunch of DHC products to review for you but of course some of them take time to try out. But I’m just too excited to wait ages to tell you about my experience of new products so I thought I’d tell you about the Olive Virgin Oil Swabs and the Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection.

Olive Virgin Oil Swabs are “Nurturing, natural olive oil–infused DHC Olive Virgin Oil Swabs easily fix mascara and eyeliner mistakes, and condition cuticles and hard-to-reach areas. 100% cotton buds. Individually wrapped for purity and convenience. Gentle enough to use on baby’s skin.”

I just love these! I’ve needed them 5 or 6 times every day since I got them. They’re individually wrapped and open easily so no fiddling about but you know they are hygienic. They have a little oil on the tip which is just enough to wipe away those smudges of mascara or liner without disturbing the rest of your carefully completed look. I’ve had to share my pack with my daughter as we both agree they are a must have and can’t imagine how we’ve managed without them until now. They cost £5.50 for 50 here.

I was so excited to try out this Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection I’d run out of my holy grail mascara and had tested a couple of others recently that hadn’t really made the grade. Knowing that I loved everything I’ve tried from DHC I was sure that this was going to be amazing too. The packaging is slick and ticked all my boxes presentationally. The wand is very small and thin, with my very short stubby lashes I thought this would be helpful but really it was just too tiny even for me. Still, I applied the mascara hopefully and….I couldn’t really see it. It hardly showed up. My lashes looked pathetic, the mascara didn’t add any length or fullness to them and I felt so disappointed.

I really wonder what I’m missing as this product gets great reviews on-line. DHC say:

“DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection water-resistant tube-technology formula lengthens the look of your lashes. Lush and long-wearing, it lasts all day and night with no flaking, smudging, or smearing. No make-up remover required. Tubes slide off with warm water and gentle pressure. This uniquely lengthening mascara stays on until you decide.

  • Long-wearing water and oil-resistant formula
  • Lashes look thicker and longer
  • Precise brush defines from root to tip
  • Tubes slide off when you massage them with warm water “

I really feel bad that I can’t agree and can only think it’s just not for my kind of lashes. I’ve passed it to my daughter to see what she thinks and will get back to you if she has a different story to tell.

If you’d like to try it out it costs £14.50 here.

I’ll be covering more of my DHC goodies here soon so be sure to look out for them!


*These products were gifted to me for review. The views are my own.


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