Review – DHC Revitalizing Moisture Strips for Eyes & Mouth

I’ve been trying out all kinds of skin care in the 10 months that I’ve been blogging but these products are the first that I’ve tried that specifically target the areas of my face that cause me the most concern – my under eye area and most significant of all for me the lines around my mouth.

Picture of Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes

First off I tried the Revitalizing Moisture Strips: EyesThese are “soft, comfortable polymer gel strip masks for your vulnerable under-eye area. They deliver nourishing ingredients that work to alleviate dark circles and reduce puffiness – in just 20 minutes. Helps fight the appearance of fatigue and fine lines. Beneficial ingredients include brightening mulberry, alpha-arbutin and peony to combat discolouration, and antioxidant-rich olive leaf extract and soy to promote younger-looking eyes.”

The instructions say that you should apply them for 20 minutes but if you want you can leave them on over night. I thought that I would try them overnight to give them the best chance of working. The strips were easy to open and to apply. Immediately there was a calming effect and I knew that they would really work. Something was definitely happening. I got into bed and settled down to sleep but I couldn’t. The cooling effect of the strips was very intense. It wasn’t unpleasant but it was very powerful and I couldn’t relax. So after 20 minutes I removed the patches. The area felt smooth, calmed and moist. I can’t say that I could see a visible difference but I think that with repeated use (once a week) the effect would build. I think that I might apply them in the morning next time while I’m having my morning cup of coffee.

They cost £7.95 for 6 sachets of 2 strips here.

Picture of Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Mouth

Next I couldn’t wait to try the Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Mouth. I have quite nose to mouth lines and pucker lines on my top lip. Now I know this comes with age but I thought it would be worth a try to see if there is a product that can help to soften them. They say:

“Line-fighting DHC Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Mouth soft polymer gel strip masks gently adhere to the area around your mouth to help firm and brighten for younger-looking skin. Infused with beneficial botanicals to moisturise, fight discolouration and visibly smooth lines. Features nourishing, antioxidant-rich olive leaf extract, brightening alpha-arbutin and mulberry”

Again these were easy to apply. Again there is a prescribed 20 minute time span for application. Oddly thought they don’t suggest that you can leave them on over night. So I set the timer for 20 minutes. After about 10 minutes they started to tickle – and I don’t mean itch – it just felt a little odd but I can only think that this was a sign that the ingredients were working. When I took off the strips I could see a real plumping effect that took the hard edge off my lines. I liked it! Again this is prescribed for weekly application so I’ll definitely be trying again soon.

These are a little more expensive at £9.50 for 6 sachets here.  But I think that both sets are great value for money. I just love this brand more with each product I try!

Have you tried any thing from DHC yet?


I was gifted these products for review but the views are my own.


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