Review – Realine Beauty Frown Line Patch

RealineWhen I was asked if I would like to review these Realine Beauty frown line patches. I wasn’t sure what to say. I hadn’t ever thought about my frown lines as a problem that needed solving.

I couldn’t quite grasp the concept. I thought at first that the patches had a serum on them that smoothed lines or worse that had some topical version of Botox in it. I’m not sure how  I thought that might work but I really don’t know much about this area of beauty so I thought I should educate myself.


They say Realine Beauty frown line patches:

  • Smooth out forehead frown lines naturally and effectively
  • Most effectively worn overnight or on long haul flights
  • 92 % of women found the product easy to use
  • 87% of women found the product both effective and comfortable
  • 84% of clinical trial participants said their frown lines appear smoother after using the patch
  • 80% of users said their forehead wrinkles appear reduced after using the patch

So, having read the blurb, it seemed that all you needed to do was stick a patch on your forehead every night and it would retrain your muscles and so the lines would soften.

I was debating whether I could be bothered with this nightly effort when a friend said that she would be willing to give them a try. Here’s what she found:


I tried the patches over the course of a month. They were very easy to apply, and virtually invisible once on, so I didn’t attract the ridicule of my partner when I wore them to bed. They are essentially a triangular piece of clear film and once applied stayed firmly in place.

When I took the patch off the first morning, there was a noticeable smoothing of the ‘11’ lines on my forehead, however over the course of the day the lines crept back and this was basically my experience over the course of the month. My forehead looked good first thing but then the lines gradually deepened again.

Halfway through the month I used a fruit based serum on my face which I occasionally use overnight and applied the patch as usual. The next day my forehead looked fine but during the morning when I caught sight of myself I a mirror, I was horrified to notice a red triangular mark on my forehead, not a good look. I stopped using the patches for a couple of days and stopped the serum and then re-started the patches and have had no further problems. If you do start using them, be aware that some products might react with them though they were fine with my usual moisturiser.

At the end of the month I have to be honest, I didn’t notice a great deal of difference. I’m not sure if they would be more effective for someone who doesn’t spend all day staring at a computer screen as I probably undo all the ‘training’ the patch puts my forehead through overnight, throughout the day at work.

They might be more effective over a longer period of time, but I kind of think they just give a temporary smoothing rather than getting rid of the lines. But maybe it’s just that I’m too old to ‘re-train’ my forehead! 

What do you think? It’s not easy to tell from the before and after pics above as the lighting is a little different but it looks to me as though there is a slight softening of the lines.

Have you ever tried anything like this? Or gone further and had botox?

If you are interested in giving the patches a go Realine Beauty Patches (one month supply) – costs £28 in Selfridges, Fenwick of Bond Street and at


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