Review – Micro Nail Elegance Electric Nail Buffer

Everyonemicronail elegance likes a gadget don’t they? Well, when I got my hands on this Micro Nail Elegance Electric Nail Buffer recently I was keen to try it but I did wonder if it would be difficult to assemble or whether I would need to buy batteries but I needn’t have worried. It came with full instructions and it was so simple to pop in the batteries and attach a roller I was using it with seconds!

The Micro Nail Elegance Electric Nail Buffer has an ergonomically designed handle for comfort and easy hold.

All you need to do to get lovely shiny nails is use the Micro Smooth Roller over the tops of clean natural nails to buff away lumps and bumps, reduce staining and get rid of dryness. Then use the Micro Shine Roller  to make them shiny.  You don’t need to apply any pressure it’s super easy. It’s great for when you want a natural look and want to give your nails a rest from polish. An extra bonus is that the rollers have a unique anti-bacterial feature.

The Micro Nail Elegance Electric Nail Buffer is on offer here for £24.99 (save £5 on line) and if you’re looking for an ideal Christmas gift then there is the Micro Nail Elegance Nails Inc. Gift Set too for £34.99 (Save £15).

What do you think, time to start the Christmas shopping? Or too soon?


This product was gifted to me for review but the opinions are my own and aren’t prescribed. This post contains affiliate links.


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