DHC Deep Cleansing Oil – Facial Cleanser

Deep Cleansing Oil

In all the time that I’ve been using beauty products from the amazing Japanese skincare experts DHC I’d never tried their awarding winning Deep Cleansing Oil. Then just before Christmas I received the cutest gift of this travel size bottle along with the little Japanese doll. (The message says happy new year by the way.)

The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is the perfect make-up remover for all skin types. It’s a water-soluble oil cleanser that’s a blend of rosemary leaf oil and olive oil. It removes make-up, dirt and excess oil without leaving your skin feeling oily. It’s infused with vitamin E to prevent the build up of free radicals.

Directions are to massage it onto dry skin with dry hands to loosen and dissolve make-up and then to rinse away thoroughly. I’ve been using the oil all this week. I used it to remove make-up and I massage it all over my face and neck concentrating most on removing my eye make up. It dissolves my mascara easily including those hard to move brands we all struggle with. I then remove the oil with a hot wet flannel. It makes my skin feel really clean and bright and I could leave it there but I like to double cleanse with a gel or foam cleanser and sometimes a toner too. Plenty to choose from from DHC here.

The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil comes in 70ml (£11) and 200ml (£21.50) sizes here. Both have pump dispensers which is great to make sure that you don’t waste a drop.

There are so many gorgeous DHC products to choose from, I always want them all! If you’ve tried any of their products tell me which is your favourite in the comments below.


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