Aloree Skin Rescue Regenerating Elixir Oil

Aloree Skin Rescue

When I was thinking about introducing you to the Aloree Skin Rescue Regenerating Elixir Oil I considered that it was just another face oil that I should add on to my face oil series but I think that perhaps this one is a little different. Have a read of this and then see if you agree.

This Skin Rescue Regenerating Elixir Oil is produced by a new  French natural skincare brand Alorée. Their research has found that chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants that converts sunlight to energy is a powerful anti-ageing ingredient. Alorée is currently the only skincare range that has been able to extract the active ingredient chlorophyll and capture its highly effective anti-ageing properties.

The range consists of organic and natural skincare products is certified according to the ECOCERT organic standard, which indicates that the brand is natural, organic and free from parabens, silicones, petrochemicals and potentially harmful ingredients. Each product contains the unique chlorophyll rich complex C.H.C.

This complex contains chlorophyll from young organic barley shoots as well as polyphenols, vitamin E, organic grape seed oil, organic camelina oil and organic muscat rosebush oil. It is high in antioxidants and helps to boost skin cell metabolism to leave the skin moisturised, brighter, rejuvenated and visibly younger.


So that’s what they say. Now it’s time to find out how I got on with the Alorée Skin Rescue Regenerating Elixir Oil. The oil comes in a small bottle with a dropper. I know that droppers are fashionable as they fit in with the whole medical look but I find them a little annoying and would prefer a pump but that’s just personal choice.

The oil is clear but with a reassuring green hue. I mean it should be green if it’s got chloropyll in it right? Don’t worry, the colour doesn’t show itself on your skin and just a few drops are enough to cover your face and neck. It sinks in well to the skin but does leave a sheen but that’s easily covered with mattifying primer or foundation.

I’ve been using the oil for around a week both morning and evening and my skin definitely feels well moisturised and that feeling last throughout the day. On the brightening and rejuvenation front I’ll need to let you know more once I’ve completed a month’s treatment. And I will do that because I’m sure that I’m going to keep on using this product right to the end.

The 15ml size is enough to last for 30 days and costs £32.00 so that’s a little over a pound a day. Not bad to try out something so innovative I’d say!

Alorée is now available in the UK from selected WholeFoods stores and from independent stockists nationwide as well as Prices range from £9.90 to £32.00.

Have you come across this brand yet? If so I’d love to know what you think.


This product was gifted to me for review.







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