Discovering Ekia – Organic Anti-Ageing Skincare

Ekia Cream Intense

At a recent press day, I met Carine Mudry, the creator of EKIA, a unique certified organic anti-aging skincare range from France. Carine told me about how she consulted with dermatologists and completed a clinical study in order to find the perfect anti-aging ingredient. This study led to the discovery of the brand’s valuable active ingredient known as Dragon’s Blood.

Her unique approach to anti-aging has been to identify three different mature skin types that aren’t defined by the age of the skin but by how weakened the skin is and each of these types needs a different solution from a skincare product. The three distinct types of mature skin are well-preserved, weakened, and damaged and Ekia has a specific face cream for each of these.

As we spoke Carine suggested that we go through a questionnaire to identify my skin type. If you would like to complete the questionnaire you can find it here. My skin type fell between well-preserved and weakened but I took Carine’s expert advice and decided to try a product for weakened skin – Ekia Cream Intense.

Its key features are:

  • complete anti-aging skincare
  • organic certified
  • regenerates skin
  • repairs the skin renewal processes
  • nourishes to restore natural vitality
  • effectively treat wrinkles, sagging, brown pigment spots and skin dryness

Promised results are:

  • Immediate: skin is more supple and comfortable
  • In one month: skin texture is finer
  • In 3 months: skin is firmer, wrinkles have diminished, marks are less visible, and the complexion is bright

I’ve been trialling Ekia Creme Intense for a little over two weeks so I’m at the supple and comfortable first stage. It’s a dense cream that feels quite rich when it goes on but does sink in quite well. At the time of writing I applied the cream 14 hours ago and I have to say it’s still feeling really great.

Also on the same day I got another Ekia product – this time not prescribed specifically for my skin but it was nestling among beauty treats in my goodie bag. It’s the Ekia Eyelid Lifting Serum.

This is a clear gel serum that feels really cooling and fresh as it goes on. You can feel it lifting and tightening immediately – exactly what’s needed for tired eyes. It’s organic certified and highly concentrated in lifting active ingredients.

Promised results are:

  • Immediate: the eyelids are lifted, the eyes look wider and brighter.
  • In 3 months: the eyelids are lastingly firmer, the eyes look less tired.

As before I’m at the initial stages with this product but that’s fine by me with such immediate results!

Ekia products are available online from  Holland & Barrett.


This post contains PR samples and affiliate links.


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