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Aesthetically pleasing!

I went to an event last week that’s really changed how I feel about micro needling. I’ve been offered the chance to have some aesthetic treatments before and after careful thought have decided that they weren’t for me. The reasoning behind it has been a mixture of not wanting to cause myself any pain and not wanting to have any downtime when I wouldn’t be able to go to work. (It’s the day job that pays the bill you see).

So when I was invited to the launch of the Sesderma Nanopore launch at Dr Giorgia Ratta’s clinic in London’s Harley Street I was about to say no. I had a picture in my mind of a treatment that leaves your skin raw/bleeding that causes your skin to peel really badly during recovery and I wondered why anyone would want to do that to themselves.

But when I realised that my friend Lewis-Duncan was closely involved and that he was set to be the face of the brand I wanted to support him and I figured that there wouldn’t be any harm in going along for a glass of fizz and to take a few photos.

Well about the photos –  this is the embarassing bit – I hardly took any and those I took were pretty rubbish. I put this down to the embarrassment of arriving a bit late after the presentation had begun and being a bit intimidated by all the professional photographers there.

So I’ve no pics of the lovely blogger Laura (What Laura Loves) having the treatment – a Sesderma DNA Recovery Peel followed by a Nanopore Micro Needling Treatment. No pics of the lovely Dr. Giorgia Ratta and no photos of Sesderma products. What a loser!


This is the only photo I’ve got to prove that I was actually there – it was set up for the celebrity photographers hence the too bright flashes. This is of Lewis-Duncan Weedon centre and Miss Galaxy to the right of the photo. The lovely on the left was once a Miss Teen Galaxy and now a presenter and more and embarassingly  I can’t remember her name. (Will update when I’ve done my research!)

But the thing is, watching the treatment take place, seeing the reactions from Laura and seeing the immediate after effects of the treatment – stunningly glowing skin that had a slight flush as if she might have just come out of a warm bath or had maybe drunk one glass of wine too many – really changed my mind about micro-needling – well at least about this treatment with this equipment and by this doctor. There was no blood, no soreness and Laura described it as feeling more like a tickling sensation than any pain during the process.

This is what I’m talking about:

Nanopore promotes skin health through a non-invasive cosmetic treatment. The nanopore stylus is an electrical cosmetic device that induces and regenerates skin collagen to address wrinkles, photoaging, dilated pores, pigmentation and more.

The procedure has a double action – it increases dermal penetration by micro perforation (micro holes close in 10 minutes) and it repairs the skin by increasing production of collagen by means of natural skin repair mechanisms. The use of the stylus is combined with serums to lubricate the needles, to provide individual treatment, and to transport active ingredients to dermal and epidermal levels.

So add to all that the really professional care that you get from Dr. Ratta and her team and the stunning surroundings in Harley Street and you start to see what’s made me start to look at things differently. You can find out more about Dr Giorgia Ratta and the treatment here.

How do you feel about aesthetic treatments? Are you up for anything or a bit of a scaredy cat like me? I’d love to hear about your experiences.




2 thoughts on “Aesthetically pleasing!”

    1. That’s the thought that has stopped me up to now. But I did feel really reassured that any treatment would be tailored to suit skin type and any health or skin issues as there’s a thorough consultation first.


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