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So that was Christmas – what now?

So what have I got to say for myself now that Christmas is done with and 2018 is almost at an end? I’ve certainly not been posting on the blog as often as in previous years and despite there being drafts of several Christmassy-type posts half-written I’ve not posted for almost a month, so, no gift guides, no wishlists or any promotion of products that I’ve been gifted in the run-up. Still, on reflection, I feel that hasn’t gone against what I’ve always said is the aim of my blog and that’s to tell you about my personal experience about things I’ve tried myself. I’ve never set out to be a salesperson or market products – just to tell things as I see them.

Still, that meant that I’ve had more time to work on other things, like my day job and spending time with family and friends. I’ve had a little think about what I have been doing this year and I’ve picked a few things I’ve enjoyed and been proud of this year:

  • I helped my daughter choose her wedding dress ahead of the big day set for August 2019. I’m so excited to be part of it and to see her marry her soul mate. I can’t share the details of the dress she chose of course but she found it at Louella’s Bridal London which was the perfect oasis of calm in Wimbledon Village.
  • I got promoted in my day job (twice!) which finally made me feel that I am getting somewhere having had no promotions in the previous 13 years!
  • I had my 62nd birthday and realised that I’m the oldest beauty blogger I know. Only by one day though – the lovely Lyn whose blog is The Lavender Barn is just my junior with her Christmas Day birthday!
  • I appeared in Top Santé magazine! I was interviewed about my thoughts on beauty and had my own “My Top 6” page.


I know it’s a little early for new year’s resolutions but I’m hoping to be a little more organised in the coming year. Some of my Christmas gifts will help me with that. I got a super new leather purse which prompted me to clear out all the receipts and loyalty cards I don’t need and set up my new purse in an ordered way.

Then, also in the getting organised and clearing out clutter vein, I’m going to be using my new Hair Podz Diamond Brush in Cherry Red as it doubles up as a holder for hair bands, etc, and has a mirror on the back of the bristles. It has a really easy twist action for that.

Hairpodz Diamond Special Edition

Hairpodz Diamond Edition

Hairpodz Diamond Editron

Hairpodz Diamond

I’ll also be wearing a watch (one of two new ones actually) to keep me on time for meetings at the new job. I’ve not worn one for years and rely on my phone but I now have a super Swatch and a fabulous Vivienne Westwood number to choose from.

New Year – new me? Maybe but I have to say that I don’t think the old me is too bad.

How’s your year been?


I’ve not included photos or looked for direct links to products that I’ve been given as presents from family but no doubt they’ll appear in my posts along the way! This post contains some PR samples.


5 thoughts on “So that was Christmas – what now?”

    1. Thank you Claire! I do have a fantastic year ahead to look forward to. I don’t often stop tp reflect on how lucky I am. I wish you lots of success and happiness for the coming year. And really value your friendship x


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