ION Sei Toothbrush
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[AD-Gifted] ION Sei Electric Toothbrush

I’ve been trialling the ION Sei Electronic toothbrush for around a month now. I don’t use it every single time I brush – sometimes I grab my normal toothbrush when I’m tired, by accident almost, but this is what has proved to me that my teeth feel so much cleaner when I use the ION Sei brush.

ION Sei Toothbrush

Not only do they look and feel cleaner but they stay that way for longer too, it’s like they’ve had some magic polishing formula applied! And what’s even more outstanding is that you don’t need toothpaste so I know that it’s the brushes “Ionic Brushing Superpowers” that are making this happen.

So what are these superpowers? ION Sei says that they lie in their patented technology. This toothbrush uses ionic technology to suppress the bacteria causing plaque as well as removing it during brushing.

ION SEi electronic Toothbrush

Features are:

  • 31,000 strokes per minute sonic vibrations
  • 3 different brushing modes
  • UV LED Light Tio2 bar generating OH radical and IONs that help to suppress bacteria attachment and plaque formation
  • Weak current from NiMH battery – working with your body’s natural electrical charge, producing an opposite weak charge that inhibits bacterial growth and helps to attract bacteria from teeth onto the brush
  • Comes in Lake Blue (featured) or day white
  • Price £129.99

ION Sei Electronic Toothbrush


  • Waterproof  handle and charger stand
  • Brushing modes: deep standard & sensitive
  • Weight: 96g inc brush
  • Brush: 2 brush heads one soft & one standard
  • Recharge base: 100-240v – comes with a removable stand cover easy for storage and cleaning. USB charging system with 2 different plugs for UK/EU charging
  • Battery: Nickel-metal (safer than lithium)
  • Charging: Full charge will give approximately 10 hours operating time
  • Metal Allergy Free.

If you want to learn more about the technology side of things there’s more info and a technical brochure here.  And this is where you can buy the brush and replacement brush heads.

I’ve tried a few electric toothbrushes in my time, but nothing like this one. It does really seem to be making a difference. What’s your experience with electric brushes?


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