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[AD – Gifted] What this Mum wants for Mother’s Day

Around this time of year, I tend to reflect on how lucky I am. Thoughts of Mother’s Day approaching brings thoughts of my Mum who’s been gone for 15 years. Yet I don’t think about the missing years, I think how fortunate I was to have her in my life for as long as I did.

Not all mother-daughter relationships are easy and sometimes, although the unconditional love is there, the relationship just doesn’t work. So, there are lots of things I count my blessings for and one of those is to have my daughter in my life, to be in regular contact and barely going a week without seeing her face to face. Recently, when she asked what I’d like to do on Mother’s Day I said I didn’t mind as long as we could spend time together.

Then during the week I found there were a variety of views in the office when I recounted my conversation:

  • (from a Mum) Oh no! I want breakfast in bed and the full works!
  • (from a daughter) Oh, I’ll send a card, I’m spending the weekend with a friend. Last year, my brother and I sent flowers, and he never paid me back his share.
  • (From a son) We’re going to the mother in law’s for lunch with the kids.

All perfectly normal responses and activities that are right for their families and their Mums. We’re a;all different. You’ll find no criticism from me. I wasn’t the perfect daughter, but there’s definitely something to be said for a few minutes reflection at the weekend about your Mum (whether she’s around or not) and counting your blessings. And if you’re a Mum I hope that you cherish the moments you have with your children, I know I do.

Still, if they really want to get you a gift (even though you’ve said a hug will do) then they might just find something on the Newbridge Silverware website. I was introduced to them just recently and they have a long history. Founded in 1934 they were originally manufacturers of quality tableware for stately homes, the hospitality industry and the wedding gift market. Today, they are also noted for their design led jewellery collections. and they some beautiful, delicate jewellery pieces but it was an item of home ware that caught my eye and I’ve now welcomed it into my home. It’s this delightfully quirky duck decanter!

Newbridge Silver Duck Decanter

Newbridge Silver Duck Decanter

It would make such a lovely gift for Mother’s Day or as a wedding gift. It’s silver plated with glass and comes beautifully presented in a gift box. You can find it here priced (£51.00) or browse the website to find your own favourites.

Let me know which pieces you like and do share your thoughts on Mother’s Day.



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