Liebster Award

Thank you kiss-andmakeup for nominating me!

I’ve only been blogging for just over 3 weeks and I’m really feeling welcomed into the community!

For anyone that doesn’t know what the Liebster award is (and I had no idea!), it’s an award that connects bloggers with 200 followers or less on their blog and gives them an opportunity to meet and chat to other bloggers!

So here are the answers to my questions:

1) What is your must have beauty product?

I would say that if I could only have one beauty product it would have to be a moisturiser with an SPF. That said, I’ve just fallen in love with Clinique’s primer which makes my skin look and feel amazing!

2) Do you prefer fashion or makeup?

Definitely make-up! I’ve loved it since I was small and my brother worked for Max Factor and brought me home all kinds of goodies to try.

3) What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

Well, I love talking to people and I love language and writing but have too short an attention span to write anything like a story or a novel.

4) If you had to go without one product for a month what would it be?

 I could manage without nail polish.

5) Your favourite YouTube guru’s?

Don’t have any yet. I’m not so interested in watching people demonstrate things live – I prefer the written word so far. I’ll be sure to comment if I see someone that I[‘m impressed by.

6) What are your favourite hobbies?

Well, blogging is my new hobby but aside from that – I love London and shopping and reading and being with fun people.

7) What’s your favourite makeup product?

A hard one because I don’t want to repeat the answer to the first question. I would have to say mascara because I have really fair, short eyelashes and I look silly without it.

8) Your favourite social media site and why?

Twitter – because it’s quick and easy and I use my personal account to keep a track of news, travel, weather and to message a few close friends and family. I keep all the beauty stuff for my Strand0nBeauty Twitter feed.

9) What’s your favourite fashion piece for winter?

I’m not very good with fashion – being plus size makes it hard to access clothes that are exciting  and fashionable. I try to dress professionally for work (I’m an HR Manager) but that’s about as far as it goes.

10) What’s your favourite TV show and why?

I like to watch Andrew Marr on Sunday mornings but don’t always make it out of bed in time. He’s great at making politicians squirm. Otherwise I like the trashy stuff like the Real Housewives of New York/Orange County/Beverly Hills etc.

My questions for my nominees are:

1. When you were small, what did you want to be when you grew up?

2.What is your favourite restaurant?

3. What’s your favourite movie of all time?

4.Who’s your favourite movie star and why?

5. Where’s the most exciting place you’ve travelled to?

6. If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy?

7. What is your favourite cosmetic brand?

8.If you could invite anyone to dinner (from the past or present) who would it be and why?

9. What’s your favourite book?

10. Do you speak any other languages apart from English and if so what are they?

My nominees are:











Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoy answering my questions!


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