Professional Beauty London

Today was the first time that I’ve visited the Professional Beauty Show. When I stepped outside of the show this afternoon, my initial thoughts were that it was that the experience was a cross between a morroccan bazaar, a car boot sale and shopping on Oxford Street! The sights and smells and colours and smells all merged together into one overwhelming, exciting and tiring experience!

There were too many amazing brands and people to mention all of them. The big brands of course put on the glitziest show OPI, Clarins, Essie, Elemis, Decleor and many more had outstanding products and stands to delight the adoring crowd.

As a newcomer and a blogger with next to no money to spend but a huge interest in finding out more I wasn’t sure what to expect. Here is a little of what I found and experienced.

The warmest, kindest and politest people were at the Shine Like a Celeb stand. Their products are great but the buzz and vibe around the brand is what will take them far. I’d like to thank them for taking time with me as a new blogger finding my way in the business.

The next stand that I stopped at was Perfect Products the lovely girl there offered to do my brows for me with their Cresty Eyebrow Stencil Kit. She did a great job and I loved how it looked. It stays on for ever too. The best my brows have ever looked . But the cost was £30 – for the powder, stencil and brush. It seemed a lot. I was then told that the cost on line would be £50. I still decided to walk away.  guess the sales talk was just a little too pushy for me but I’m a little concerned that I won’t find a product elsewhere that works so well…. ( I’ve now checked on line and see that the cost is £39.99 with free shipping. )

The first demonstration that I watched was for Youngblood Cosmetics. It was presented by the founder Pauline Youngblood who hails from California.

Pauline Youngblood presents Youngblood Cosmetics
Pauline Youngblood presents Youngblood Cosmetics

There were one or two celebrities on site. I have to say I was surprised to see Frankie Essex (TOWIE) working flat out on her stand. She was surrounded by fans but didn’t take time out for any diva type pouting and posing she got on with the job in hand. ( Apologies for the slightly blurry pic but she just didn’t stay still!)

140223 Frankie Essex 2
Frankie Essex Hair at the Pro Beauty Show in London

The last demo that I watched was on impulse – I sat down to rest my feet and realised that the Decleor demonstration had begun. I’ve seen this brand demonstrated on QVC and was interested to see and hear more. It was a classy end to a somewhat hectic day.

Decleor demo at Pro Beauty London
Decleor demo at Pro Beauty London

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