Review – W7 Brow Bar

W7 Brow Bar
W7 Brow Bar


When I saw this set it was such a bargain I just had to give it a try. It retails at £4.99 but I bought it for less than £4.00 including postage.

W7 Brow Bar Pallette
W7 Brow Bar Pallette

It consists of a pallette of 4 strongly pigmented brow colours; a small brush contained within the pallette itself; a longer applicator brush; a double sided brow comb and brush; and 3 stencils.

W7 Brow Bar Accessories
W7 Brow Bar Accessories

This was the first time I had tried a stencil myself and I found them really easy to use. The only problem I had with this set is that the colours aren’t right for me. I have very fair brows and the lightest brown is not only too dark for me but has a reddish tinge.

The brushes are great and I use the double sided brow comb and brush every day.

I’d say that if you have darker brows then you should give this a try – and don’t forget to let me know what you think!


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