Product Review – Marlhena Bloom Anti-Age

When I first heard about Marlhena it was from the founder of the company Emanuele Marogna and he told me that the range is hand-crafted in Italy with the finest ingredients, is labelled and packed by hand, and the natural extracts make it very effective. I was immediately intrigued to find out more and delighted to be asked to trial* Marlenha Bloom Anti-Age.

There are so many appealing things about the brand, it’s Italian for one and we all know that Italian women always look beautiful and chic right? Then it’s the personal hand made touch that makes the brand feel special and most important of all it contains natural ingredients.

Marlhena Bloom Anti Age
Marlhena Bloom Anti-Age

When I read the details about what Marlhena Bloom Anti Age contains I was impressed by the list of ingredients crammed into the cream. Here’s what they say:

“Preserve the youth and balance of your skin with Marlenha Bloom Anti-Age. This rich, nourishing cream contains edelweiss stem cells, elastin liposomes together with vitamin E, rose oil and borage oil to replenish, plump and restore radiance to maturing skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are minimized and tissues are stimulated from within.”

The ingredient list also includes Hyluronic Acid, and Vitamin A.

So what it’s really like? The packaging and container are a unique blend of hand made artisan style and luxury brand look and feel. On opening, the cream smells lovely, I would say slightly floral (I’m guessing that’s the edelweiss but I’m no expert).

The texture of the cream was softer than I expected with a light silky feel. On first use it glided on easily and provided a luscious base for the day sitting nicely under my primer and foundation. During the day my skin felt moisturised and velvety but I can’t say that I noticed any instant results in the appearance of my skin.

Now I don’t know about you, but whilst I’m a sucker the first impression of how a product is presented I like to try out skincare products for longer before I decide if they’re for me and whether they are delivering on the manufacturer’s promises. That’s why I used this cream day and night for 7 days before I even thought about trying to assess it.

Marlhena Bloom Anti-Age
Marlhena Bloom Anti-Age

So what’s the verdict? My skin feels amazing. It’s moisturised and plumped and dewy and not only has it disappeared the very fine lines it’s also had a minimising effect on the deep nose to mouth lines that I have. Now that is an achievement!

I just know you will want to try this brand out for yourself and find out more about this product and the rest of the range. This Marlenha Bloom Anti-Age costs £62.00 and you can buy it now hereI can’t wait to try more of this range so come pay day I might just be visiting myself.

*The post is sponsored by Marlenha but the content of this review is my own opinion and not prescribed by them.

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