Chloe’s Beauty Bar – Blogger’s Breakfast

Chloe's Beauty Bar - Blogger's Breakfast
Chloe’s Beauty Bar – Blogger’s Breakfast

A couple of week’s back an e-mail dropped into my in-box from Mollie asking me to attend the opening of a beauty salon in Essex called Chloe’s Beauty Bar. I closed the e-mail – I didn’t know anyone called Chloe or Mollie.  As I was closing it an acronym caught my eye – it was TOWIE – and the penny dropped! I was being invited to a blogger’s breakfast for the launch of Chloe Sim’s latest venture. I was so excited to be invited! And then just as quickly I was disappointed as I checked the date and realised that I couldn’t go.

What to do? I didn’t want to say no to the most glamorous invite of my blogging “career” but I couldn’t be in two places at once. Reluctantly I accepted that I’d have to find someone else to go in my place. It didn’t take long to find someone that was perfect for the job and possibly even more excited to attend than me. A couple of e-mails and my lovely friend Michelle had agreed to go in my place. As you can see from the pics she enjoyed every moment!

The People

The team at Chloe’s were all really friendly at welcoming. Chloe was answering everyone’s questions. and was really friendly and approachable. Her brother Charlie was also there  he’s opening his own deli nearby and he supplied all the food too.

Meeting Chloe
The Team
Meeting Charlie

The concept

The concept of Chloe’s salon is pure LA. It’s based on what she’s experienced in LA. She loves the fact that you can go in and in a relatively short space of time you can be transformed. The salon design is gold, sparkly and glamoruous!

Chloe's Beauty Bar
Chloe’s Beauty Bar

The treatments

Michelle was allowed to choose from a spray tan, hair, make-up or nails. She chose to have her hair done and  had it transformed int bouncy curls by Joel. Whilst her hair was being worked on she couldn’t see herself in a mirror as they were covered with white curtains so that when the styling was complete the curtain was drawn back for the reveal. A fun idea so that you can really notice the transformation.

Michelle had plenty opportunity to look around and watched some of the girls getting their make-up done using Chloe’s make-up pallets. Chloe had a lot of her products, including hair pieces and tanning products which you were able to buy at reception. (You can also buy Chloe Sims by Montana tanning products on line here)She liked the idea that the treatments were quick and easy. For hair, you choose a style out of the 5 available and it is done in about 15-20 minutes. With nails, it’s simply shellac or nail varnish.

While she was waiting for Chloe to arrive (she wanted to meet her and was going nowhere!) one of the beauticians offered her a spray tan it was really natural and she’s had several compliments since on how natural it looks .

Beauty Products
Beauty Products

The food

There was a selection of wraps, granola with fruit, mini pancakes and orange juice on arrival. The attention to detail was stunning with a celebration cake and cupcakes on the reception desk.

Blogger's Breakfast
Blogger’s Breakfast

 The Goody Bag

No bloggers event or launch is complete without the good y bag. It contained:

Joey Essex A-lister Locks Hairspray 150 ml
Amazing Shine eyelashes
Crown brush make up brush
£10 voucher

Thank you Chloe!

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