London Blogger Meet Up

Today I attended my very first blogger meet up. I was so nervous it felt much worse than preparing for a job interview as I got ready to go into central London this morning.

When I got to the restaurant there were already a couple of people outside and they looked like bloggers to me so I thought I should say hello. Before very long everyone had arrived including Hannah who had done all the organising.

Of course we had loads in common and before long we were exchanging blogging stories and admiring each others make-up, complexions, blogging achievements and more. Of course all this was helped along by wine and food and the lovely goody bags that Hannah had put together for us.

140531 Goody  Bag
London Blogger Meet Up Goody Bag
Nair Argan Oil
Nair Argan Oil

Some of the companies that were so generous in providing goodies for us were:






After we rummaged through our goody bags we set off for Selfridges Beauty Hall. On a normal day this is an amazing beauty retail space. Today it had live DJs, tribal dancers and Chris Eubank! Despite having worked there many years ago and shopping in there every lunch break with my staff discount card –  the beauty hall did not disappoint.

Hannah did such a great job of bringing us all together. We made new friends and discovered that some of us live very close to each other. We’re already planning the next meet up and I don’t think that I shall be quite so nervous next time.

Have you met up with other bloggers? I’d love to hear about it and of course would like to be invited to your next meet up!




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