Karin Herzog Selfie Challenge

Karin Herzog Vita Combi 1
Karin Herzog Vita Combi 1

I’ve been invited to take the Karin Herzog Selfie Challenge. I’ve chosen to trial the Karin Herzog Vita-A- Kombi 1 Day & Night Face Cream for 10 days. I’ve taken a selfie with no make up before using the product and then I’ll take another after 10 days and compare them. I’m not brave enough to share the photos with you but will use them to make my own independent assessment of the effects of the product.

On applying the cream this morning, (you don’t massage it in you put it on and let it sink in) it felt cooling and refreshing and not at all greasy to the touch. I’m looking forward to assessing how well the product meets the description and benefits. They say:

A revolutionary patented anti-aging treatment, this formula combines 1% active oxygen and vitamins A & E, to assist in normalizing and detoxifying the skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Stabilized liquid phase oxygen is transformed into active oxygen gas upon contact with the skin, penetrating deeply to deliver essential nutrients, glucose and water.

As the oxygen gas is released into the skin it creates a micro-massage effect, flushing out built up debris and toxins. By allowing nutrients to be efficiently absorbed, this product boosts the skin’s own natural replenishment and recovery mechanisms:
• Accelerate cell regeneration
• Hydrate and nourish
• Diminish lines and wrinkles
• Minimize pores

You can buy it here for £50.50.

Have you taken the Karin Herzog challenge? How did you get on? I’d love to hear your experience.



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