Review – Vichy Idealia Eyes

Idealia Eyes

Tonight I was planning on writing about some of the goodies that I picked up at Olympia.Beauty yesterday. But then I realisd that I hadn’t taken any pictures as there wasn’t any sunlight left when I got home and then I remembered that I just had to tell you about this great Vichy Idealia Eyes contour cream that I’ve been using. Now if you’re like me you usually try out all face and eye creams for at least a week before you start to form an opinion of whether the product is doing good things for your skin and how you look.

But the thing is that I just can’t wait that long to tell you about this product!  I was impressed with this product from the moment I took off the lid!

This new generation eye contour idealiser is designed to illuminate, target signs of fatigue, dehydration and ageing. Its intended to make eyes appear brighter, smoother and more awake. But those are a marketing man’s words. For me, this product is so exciting! I loved the applicator that allowed me to see exactly when the cream is coming out and how much and allows me to smooth the cream onto the under eye area without applying pressure or dragging with my finger tips. Immediately I had applied the cream the shadows were gone and my under eye area was perfect! I can’t tell you what a difference it makes and how excited I am to put it on each morning.

The ingredients are great too  – DRM-Bright complex and Vitamin B3 to reduce dark circles, Vitamin CG to smooth fine lines, and Caffiene to energise. And of course there’s Vichy water in there too.

If you want to get your hands on this it’s on offer here for £19.55. I really don’t think you’ll begrudge a single penny of that!


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