Olympia Beauty 2014

Olympia View from Balcony

Every time I enter this amazing building I’m in awe of the architecture and the sheer scale of the exhibition space. I was so glad to have the press room to use as a base for a coffee and a seat before I set off on a tour of all the lovely brands. The generous goodie bag that was given to me right at the start of the day also put me in just the right mood.

My first port of call was the Art Pro Nail stand. I’d heard about their innovative computerised printing set up that can print anything at all onto your nails – nail art in a digital world! When I got to the stand I went to introduce myself and discovered that not only did they know who I was but they had already used images from my blog and Twitter and printed them on to a set of acrylic nails! I was blown away, not just by the technology but by the whole package. The customer engagement and service and the knowledge of the brand was absolutely on point. If I had only kept that one appointment my visit would have been worthwhile.



Next on my list for a catch up was the lovely Louise from LA Skin Care. We’ve worked together on a giveaway and tweeted and e-mailed almost every day for a month but never met. The products are great and really work well and she was as lovely in person as she was in the blogosphere!

Next stop was an unexpected one at All That Jazz. I’d seen the brand once before at a show but as I passed by, the man handing out leaflets got tangled in the fringing – and that led to me getting the chance to speak to the lovely Jazz herself. It’s such a fresh young brand with a real buzz about it. I can’t wait to try the nail polish and the Bee Bar that I was gifted.



As I walked on I came across Abdullah who told me about an holistic skincare brand Obey Your Body. The products are rich in Dead Sea Minerals and a demonstration of the gentle facial peeling gel was fascinating.

Another contact that I had made before the show was Danielle Everitt. She has an amazing brush set that’s called Final Checks. I’m so excited to try these. I’ve come really late to the party on this whole make up brush thing. I was just looking at my motley collection of brushes this morning and thinking that I should invest in a proper set and then pow! these came along.

Final Checks

I also tried the Magnetic Mascara from Santhilea. The system is  3 step one that managed to make my short stubby lashes into long full ones. That not an easy thing to do! But I wasn’t able to get one to bring home as they were sold out by1pm! Great news for Santhilea but not for me.MagneticMascara

I can’t tell you how many more amazing brands that I saw and lusted over but there were plenty. I’ll be writing up reviews of the goodies that were in my press bag and some of the lovely gifts that I was given on the way round. So you can look forward to hearing about products from:

  • Alida
  • All That Jazz
  • ArtProNail
  • Australian Body Care
  • Dermalogica
  • Final Checks
  • Docteur Renaud
  • ibd
  • OPI
  • and more

Just before I left I saw Amy Childs at her perfume launch. I could easily have snapped a picture of her but thought that I would be professional and talk to her PR people. Sadly, my press pass and my having worked with another TOWIE related brand held no sway and they told me I could only take a photo if I bought a signed product. They didn’t even try to talk to me about it or share any details. Amy was so lovely and apologetic that she wasn’t allowed to oblige. She is stunningly beautiful and so much more engaging in real life. I really liked her and for that reason I’m going to try and get more info from her PR company. Watch this space. Update The lovely people from Can PR have now been in touch and hopefully I’ll soon be able to update you all about Amy’s products. So a happy ending!

And just in case you haven’t had enough of a flavour for the day then here are a few more snaps of some of you favourite brands.




Morgan Taylor



Thanks so much for visiting my blog today I hope you’ll drop by again soon!



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