My Art Pro Nail Experience


I would normally have called this a review but strictly speaking it isn’t one because I haven’t properly tested out the product but I’ve had the best experience with the amazing brand that is ArtProNail.

Hannah began planning my Olympia Beauty experience weeks ago by asking me to list my 5 favourite things and promised that in return I would get a special gift when I visited her stand. I’d forgotten all about it when I arrived but Hannah hadn’t. When I started to introduce myself she already knew my name and my daughter’s. She’d done her research using the list I gave her and here’s what she surprised me with!


My favourite things were: my daughter, my blog, my friends, sunshine and laughter! So she had printed a set of acrylic nails with pictures of my daughter and I, a screenshot of my Twitter feed, the Friends logo, sunshine, and a quote about laughter. They really demonstrated that you can print anything on nails real or false with this machine. The possibilities are unlimited.

Hannah handed us over to a colleague who took time to show me how the machine worked and took a picture of my daughter so that she could print it onto a nail for her to take away too! Brilliant.

Anyway, aside from all the friendliness and fun there is a serious busuness here. Here’s what you need to know if you are a salon or business that might want to buy one of these machines.

The machine was launched in the UK at the Olympia Beauty Show.


Option to change colour of any design by 10 variations

Option to edit designs with built in templates


New designs can be uploaded anytime via USB portal

Software to produce your own designs is included

New seasonal custom designs released to customers by ArtPro Nail UK Limited


Option to take real-time photos for use as nail patterns


Ability to count the number of print times

Software upgrades available

Ability to set passwords and thus limit access

Folders can be created for the classification and management of patterns

Prices start from £1650+VAT for a portable machine and everything else you need to know is here!

Just love this whole concept and would definitely get my nails printed for a special occasion. What do you think? I’d love to see your comments below.


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