Sunday afternoon shopping on the Kings Road

Hmmm, I was just wondering as I wrote that title why it is that when someone refers to the Kings Road in Chelsea they don’t just call it Kings Road. I guess it’s because it was the King’s Road – the one that he used on his way to … Hampton Court was it? There are some funny things in the English language aren’t there? – like why do you call the country The Gambia and not just Gambia?

Sorry I’ve gone right off the point which was… on the Kings Road. I’d decided that it was about time that I bought some acrylic storage for some of my beauty bits and of course, the beauty bloggers’ mecca for this kind of thing is Muji. Now I have to say that in general, this is a store that does nothing for me. When I shop I like to be attracted by pretty things and well it all looks a bit dull. But it’s really practical. Here’s what I bought – told you it looks dull – but I’ll soon pretty it up with lots of nail polishes and will probably add a few more units when funds allow. This unit was £11.50 and holds a fair few nail polishes – around 30 – but I’ve still got another 15 to house and a whole lot of other beauty stuff to find a home for.

The assistants in the shop were very helpful and professional although I did find it a little odd to be told at the till that I couldn’t return the product if I removed the plastic wrapper. Returning it hadn’t crossed my mind and it did make me wonder if people buy these units and then change their minds so often that they have a policy. Strange.

So the next stop was Peter Jones. I fancied a look around the beauty hall. Who wouldn’t, I wasn’t planning on spending anything – well maybe just a little thing – or a few bits – for Christmas of course! I lingered over the Christmas sets from Liz Earle and then went over to peruse the makeup counters where I was hoping for the odd offer of a spray of perfume or a discussion on what was new. The kind of thing I’ve got used to doing in House of Fraser in Victoria near where I work but – sadly all the assistants were in pairs chatting and not bothering to look up. Really? The real estate in SW3 surely means that each square foot of the beauty hall needs to pay its way and from what I saw there were no sales being made this afternoon. It was all too irritating and I left.

After a bit of a wander and a bit of people-watching and a bit of lusting over the odd Bentley that swooshed past I came across a store that I hadn’t seen before. It was Orogold. It was intriguing, there was a lot of gold, naturally, there were rope barriers at the front a bit like a club entrance and there was a red carpet leading into the store. It looked a bit ostentatious and I went to walk past although my beauty blogger’s curiosity wouldn’t let me ignore it and a salesman came out and offered me a sample of the Orogold 24K Deep Day Moisturiser Cream. Before I knew it I’d told him I was a blogger and he’d invited me into the shop and demonstrated a whole bunch of stunningly beautiful products. They contain gold and the products I tried worked like a dream. They are though not just high-end – they’re out of my reach. The moisturiser costs £128 here

They say:

“24K DEEP DAY MOISTURISER CREAM 53g℮1.86fl.oz | Vitamin C & E | Green Tea This delicate moisturiser melts on the skin to help make those tiny dry areas disappear without the oily residue. Not only will you look good but feel good as well. The moisturiser helps reduce the appearance of fine expression lines to restore softness, smoothness, and natural glow of your skin.”

I also tried the 24K anti ageing eye serum priced £198 and the 24K deep peeling which is £98. Now let me tell you they were all high-performing products and the packaging was just how I like it. The products I tried were at the lower end of the price range and I could have spent a whole lot of money there.


The promoter (not salesman) that looked after me was called Edi and he treated me with respect and was also very charming. He also told me about the beauty treatments that they carry out there and made it clear that there were some great packages he could offer if I wished to make a purchase. Sadly I only have public sector pay so I had to decline. I brought my sample with me though and I’ll give it a try and let you know what I think in a future post.

So, if you’re looking for some pampering and escapism then a little time spent in Orogold on the Kings Road would be a good thing! It certainly lifted my spirits.

How did you spend your Sunday afternoon? I’d love to hear.



4 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon shopping on the Kings Road”

  1. Muji storage really does seem so practical! I definitely need to rearrange my products and organise them! LOVE the packaging on those products too – super luxurious! 🙂



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