Strand on Beauty & the Superdrug Swap Shop

Last month I went to the Superdrug Unlock AW14 Event and I filled in a Superdrug Swap Shop card which asked me some questions about the products I use each day. Superdrug then matched those products with their own brands and have worked out that if I switched to their alternatives I would save £143.34 every year.

Well of course this isn’t a perfect calculation ( I couldn’t find all the products at the prices they used). I like to select products that make me feel good and part of that is about the look of the product, the packaging and the brand image. I know I’m shallow but the price isn’t the only issue here. Of course Superdrug hope to show that they have good quality products as well as value for money.

So what was the swap?

I stated that I was using:

Colgate White ToothpasteVichy cleanser, toner and moisturiser and Rituals Shower Foam.

They challenged me to use these Superdrug alternatives:


Pro Care Whitening Toothpaste, B. Clean Melting CleanserSimply Pure Refreshing Toner, B. Ready Day Cream, and Superdrug Fruity Shower Foam.

I’ll be trying out the Superdrug products over the coming weeks and seeing if any of them match up to their more costly equivalents. You can expect to read a review or two and maybe even see some of these products in my empties posts.

Have you tried any of these products? Which do you prefer?


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