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A while back I tried this Rituals Zensation Blossom Foaming Shower Gel and I loved it. Ever since then this has set the bar for every shower gel I try and it’s definitely a tough one to beat.

Still, I thought you’d like to know about two more shower products that I’ve been trying. The first is from Superdrug.

Superdurg Strawberry and Raspberry Fruity Foam Burst

It’s the Superdrug Strawberry & Raspberry Shower Foam. This was given to me as part of a challenge from Superdrug. They asked me to try some of their own brand products in place of their usual brands so that I could compare quality and also save money in the long run. You can see more about that challenge here. The shower foam has a gorgeous fruity fragrance (ooh I love alliteration!). The product comes out of the can as a gel but changes to foam as soon as it hits the skin. I tend to use it on a shower puff (is that what you call one of those scratchy things?) I found that it isn’t as rich as the Rituals brand and that you need more of the product but otherwise it does a really great job. And the plus is that it only cost £1.99 here!

The other new product that I tried (well it was new to me) was the Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Foaming Skin Wash. I had high hopes for this product as I had met the lovely people from Austalian Bodycare earlier in the year at the Pegasus Beauty ShowcaseThey told me all about the amazing company and products and I liked everything that I tried but…..I’m so sorry the product works really well and foams nicely …..I can’t bear the smell – it’s indescribable but I just loathe it. It doesn’t smell  fresh  and clean – just awful!

They say it’s

“an all over body wash with a non-irritating soap formula. Formulated as a liquid that creates foam during dispensing. A small volume of soap in a dose is expanded to a large volume by addition of air. Improved “spreadability” of a foam compared to a high viscous ordinary body wash. Addition of allantoin for skin maintenance /repair. Contains lactic acid to condition skin. Low but still significant content of Tea Tree Oil (0,5%). Low concentration for intimate washing after Brazilian and Hollywood waxing. Low pH (due to lactic acid). !

If you think that it might just be me that it doesn’t suit or you recognise the benefits of the formula and want to give it a go it’s on sale here for £12.35.

So what’s the verdict? My favourite was Rituals but for value for money it has to be Superdrug!

Have you got any products that you won’t skimp on or are there some that you’re happy to use a cheaper version to save  money. Do tell!

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