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W7 make up 2

Fellow bloggers will know the feeling excitement that happens when you get home from a long day at work and you spy a padded envelope waiting for you on the hall table. Well yesterday was one of those days and the envelope in question contained this lovely collection of W7 make up.

So this morning after taking the usual blogger snaps while there was half decent light (I’ll never make a living as a photographer will I!) I tried out all of the products in conjunction with some of my other favourites to make up my face to go to work.

First thing I tried was the W7 Porefection. This is branded as “A smoothing face primer that reduces the appearance of pores and helps keep makeup in place throughout the day.”

I found that the texture and colour of the primer was very similar to Benefit’s Porefessional – a light beige that glides on easily. I found that it did mattify my skin and that it did make my pores look a bit less prominent. I only used it in the areas that I have enlarged pores rather than as a complete base for make-up as I like to use a primer with an SPF as the foundation I use currently doesn’t have one. That means that I wasn’t able to say whether W7 Porefection helped to keep make-up in place. It comes in a really handy size for my make up bag so it’s there to touch up the odd bit of shine during the day. It’s also a very reasonable £4,95 here.

W7 nude pallette

Next  I tried out this gorgeous little W7 Naked Nudes Eyeshadow Palette. I wasn’t expecting too much . I think I’m nearing saturation point with nude palettes. Still I was pleasantly surprised to see that there wasn’t much of a shimmer to the shades although I wouldn’t say they are 100% matte excellent for my crepey lids!

I chose the two mid shades for the lid and the crease and found that the colours went on easily and blended well. They lasted for a good few hours  before needing any touching up. Again the size of the palette was just right to stash in my make-up bag and you really can’t grumble at the £5.95 price tag for 4 shades.

W7 Wildlash

The time then came for me to try out the W7 Wild lash mascara – I’m guessing this is a new release as I can’t find it on the W7 site currently.  It seems to be available on a number of other sites for a couple of pounds.

I keep on hoping that one of these days I’ll find a high street brand that does the job for me. This time I was pleased to find that the black was a very intense black. Sadly there was little substance to the mascara and so it didn’t build up or lengthen my lashes. I could tolerate that but was really disappointed to discover after a few hours wear that the colour had smudged badly under my eyes. That’s a definite no-no for me and so I can’t recommend it.

W7 lip colour

I saved the best till last. This is the W7 Full Time Lip Colour which promises to stay on 24:7. I have to say I was really sceptical. I doubted that it would last more than a couple of hours. I should say that I did have a little try of this last evening. I was pondering on whether the autumn colour (it’s called Wicked) would suit me so I dotted a bit on my hand. It looked pretty good and so went in to have my shower expecting that it would wipe off in an instant. Using shower gel, I scrubbed at it. It wouldn’t budge. Then I tried two different cleansers and a toner. No go – it was still as strong as when I put it there. Finally I tried a cleansing oil and with a bit of gentle pressure it came off. That was impressive!

Today I used it properly. The colour is rich and intense. I was really careful not to make any mistakes with it as I knew they would take a lot of effort to remove and correct. Then I added the gloss and I was good to go.

I’m sitting here now 16 hours and several meals, snacks and drinks later and I still have the colour on my lips. The gloss is gone but the colour is only slightly faded. Such a good product for an amazing £4.95 here.

What was also really lovely was that all together the colours and textures of the products gave me a great look. A nude eye and a strong lip – a stong confident look to face the day. I got compliments from colleagues about the pop of the lip colour and that made  me feel good.

Good job W7!


These products were gifted to me for review but the opinion are my own.


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