RMK Vintage Sweets Makeover


On Thursday I headed over to Selfridges for a facial and makeover. I’d been invited to a VIP session with RMK.  I always love an excuse to visit Selfridges beauty hall, it’s such a vibrant place and always makes me feel spendy! Of course, I was also curious to learn more about this Japanese cosmetics brand.Selfridges3

After a long day at work and a hurried walk up Oxford Street, I was so glad to be greeted by the lovely team from RMK. I was treated to a relaxing facial using some of  RMK’s hero products and then to a full makeover by Tatsuya Kaneko their leading makeup artist from Tokyo using the latest SS collection – Vintage Sweets.

The facial began with removing my make-up and then cleansing my skin with RMK products including their Cleansing Balm. This cleanser comes in a solid balm that melts into a silky liquid when applied to the face. Wing showed me how to scoop a little of the balm onto the back of my hand so that it starts to transform into a liquid before applying it to the face. She told me that each night she cleanses with this super rose-scented balm and has a mini facial and winds down from the day. It contains Grape Seed, Jojoba and Avocado oils for their moisturising properties and it removes all traces of makeup including mascara.


Once my face was clean and I felt totally relaxed I was introduced to Tatsuya. He seemed up for the challenge of using the Vintage Sweets collection on me to create a look that would both show off the products and give me a chic look that was age appropriate.

The concept of the range is based on Victorian or Edwardian afternoon tea. The colours and the scents of the products reflect this with lip glosses smelling like maple syrup and butterscotch for example.

The products that I used were kindly noted for me:

Jasmine Herb Mist – to moisturise the skin before make-up

Creamy Polished Base – this is a light emulsion-like makeup base  or primer

Control Colour UV –  a skin tone correction fluid that neutralises unwanted colour tone.

Super Basic Concealer Pact – two concealers in different tones and the Super Basic Powder in one compact.

Creamy Foundation – creates a natural dewy finish and hydrates skin with its high water-retention oil formula.

Face Colour – This four-shade face colour has a delicate scent of black tea.

Ingenious Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner – The unique formula is a blend of different waxes and compounds.

W Colour Mascara –  A double-headed mascara with two different shades, for upper and bottom lashes.

Powder Eyebrow – An eyebrow powder compact with three powders to complement your hair colour and make-up.

Vintage Candy Cheeks – A two-shade cheek colour for soft, glowing skin.

Vintage Drop Gloss – With scents of Rose, Maple Syrup, Cassis or Butter Scotch.

So you’ll see that it took a whole lot of products to make me look like this. I’m not too keen on sharing my pictures generally but I thought it would be ungrateful not to share with you what a great job Tatsuya did for me.


makeover 3

The products are on sale at the RMK concession in Selfridges and I know you’ll love them. I enjoyed my time there so much and I know that you will too.

It’s been lovely getting to know this brand and I’m looking forward to trying out more of the products soon and sharing reviews with you here.

Have you tried RMK? Or have you discovered any new brands lately? Do share your thoughts with me.





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