Review – RMK Ingenious waterproof pencil eyeliner

eyelinerThis is the last piece of the jigsaw as far as my RMK at home experience is concerned. A few weeks back I was treated to an RMK makeover at Selfridges and then was lucky enough to receive my choice of products to review at home.

These pieces have been more than make-up choices as each one is so well designed and beautifully presented that it becomes an object of desire in its own right. This is particularly true for this gorgeous RMK ingenious waterproof pencil eyeliner in deep grey. It’s like a silver pen or propelling pencil. It’s shiny and sleek and I love it even before I open it up so that I can use it to do its job. That job for me is to be a great eyeliner that isn’t too dark for me. I find that black is a bit to harsh at my age. I also love that it’s easy to apply and stays in place all day.

The RMK ingenious waterproof pencil eyeliner costs £23.00 here.

Have you tried any RMK products yet? I promise you that you’re missing out if you haven’t!


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