Review – Zuzka Cocoa Spa Organic Orange & Vanilla Pod Exfoliating Gel

cocoa spa

In a previous post I told you how happy I was with the results I got from Zuzka Argenine Hydroxy Rejuvenating Cream. The great results I got made me curious to try some other products in the range. There are loads to try here. But the product I was gifted to try out was the Organic Orange & Vanilla Pod Exfoliating Gel from Zuzka’s Cocoa Spa Range.

I’m not really a fan of exfoliating treatments. It’s not that the results aren’t good it’s just that it’s always a bit of a faff and you have to spend time making sure that any granules are removed afterwards. But then I’m a bit lazy and like instant results.

Anyway, I’m sure that you want to hear about this product. They say:

“A luxurious face polisher with a rich, fresh, natural aroma of organic orange & ground vanilla pod. Full of antioxidants & vitamin C to stimulate cell renewal & rejuvenate the skin, the exfoliating action buffs away dry dead skin cells, leaving skin looking velvety soft & smooth.”

I expected a gel-like formula but I found it was runnier or perhaps I should say a silkier formula that I wouldn’t really call a gel. It’s chocolate coloured and smells gorgeous. It’s easy to apply and has a very fine granular feel which I’m guessing is the ground vanilla pod.

It wasn’t too difficult to remove. I’d applied it with my fingers and massaged it in. I used a face cloth to remove it and once I patted my skin dry I was so please with how my skin looked and felt. It was so much brighter and so smooth! My make up went on like a dream afterwards. I definitely won’t put off using it for so long next time!

Have you tried any of Zuzka’s products yet?


This sample was gifted to me for review. The views are my own and not prescribed.


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