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If you search for W7 Cosmetics on my blog you’ll find that there are quite a few reviews featuring various products from the W7 range. They’re a pretty unassuming brand and you’d find it really hard to spend more than a tenner on an item. Most products come in under a fiver!

I’ve been using a lot of different brands since I’ve been blogging and when it comes to making a purchase I tend to choose high-end brands whenever I can afford it. Believe me though there are times when I run out of a product and there’s too much month left and not enough money. That’s when I take a good look around and reach for something from a less expensive brand. Nine times out of ten I find what I need from W7.

This week I’ve had the opportunity to try a few more products from W7:

W7 face2

Absolute MascaraGolden Brown PaletteButter Kiss Lipstick – Red Light and Captain Matte Foundation – Natural Beige

The Captain Matte Foundation – Natural Beige was something that I was intrigued to try. I’ve been using Nars and Laura Mercier foundations and matching them carefully to my skin shade and type. This shade and coverage had been chosen for at random and so I didn’t expect that it would be at all suitable. Well – I was so wrong. I think that the tone is a little warmer than what I’ve been using but I don’t think  that’s a bad thing. It went on smoothly, isn’t at all greasy and covered up minor imperfections. I couldn’t fault it and it costs less that a sixth of the cost of my normal brand.

The Absolute Mascara was the product that I wasn’t expecting to be a big fat failure. I’ve got a favourite high-end product that I measure every mascara against and I’ve tried a few of W7’s mascaras before and I’m afraid they never got a second use from me but this is the one to win me over! It’s got really good coverage and makes my lashes look longer and thicker. It stayed on all day without smudging or flaking. The brush is one of those funny ones with the bobbly bit on the end and I did poke myself in the eye a bit with it but it’s fab once you get used to it and I’m wearing it again today. In fact I’m wearing all the products again today.

The Golden Brown Palette contains four shades of brown. W7 don’t like to go overboard and name their colours which is a shame. I can’t really explain the look of the shadows.  They’re not shimmery but the do have a slight fleck of shimmery sparkle in them. This means that they are great for my 50 something crepey eyelids as they don’t emphasise every little line. I used the the lightest shade on the far left on the lid and the third shade from left in the crease for a day time look.

To finish off the look I applied Butter Kiss Lipstick – Red Light. I’ve really become a fan of lip butters recently. They go on smoothly and are more pigmented than balms. I’ve been wearing another high street brand almost every day and ignored my expensive lipsticks. This shade is a winner with me. It’s a coral-red that gives my face a bit of a lift and we could all do with a lift in this cold weather.

W7 faceI’m so chuffed with all these products that they’ve all made it into my make-up bag. As you know I can be quite fickle and if I see a new pretty item I can often evict a piece  as quick as it went in. That said I wouldn’t be surprised if any new bits don’t come from W7 next time too!

Have a lovely week and do tell me about any budget products that you love.


These items were gifted to me for review but the opinions are my own and were not prescribed.


9 thoughts on “Brand Focus – W7 Cosmetics”

  1. lovely review of w7 products. I have got 2 products of w7 one is honey blush and one is lightly toasted palette but have not got chance to try it yet. you looking pretty in photo 🙂


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