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Holiday Planning – Morocco Here I Come!

It’s been so long since I went on holiday that I really need to start from scratch for everything that I need and that includes my passport which ran our almost 5 years ago! So now that the passport application is in the post (along with the dodgy photos) I figure it’s time to start planning on preparing myself, my holiday wardrobe, accessories and all.

I’m not on holiday till June so I thought you might be interested in following  along with me. I’ve managed to lose a little weight and so can feel good about throwing out old clothes and feel justified in buying some new ones. I’ll also want to firm up my skin and exfoliate it before it’s exposed to the elements and of course I’ll want to protect it and pretty it up with my favourite skin care and cosmetics. Here’s what I’ve been looking at and adding to my wish list so far.

First thing I think of when someone says summer is sunglasses. I’d like to think that I’d look like Grace Kelly (think more Dawn French!) and these retro romantic Enamel Frame Cat-Eye Sunglasses fit the bill for me at just £18.00 here.

Cat eye sunglasses

Next thing on my mind is sun protection. We all need it but I’m the kind of person that sits under a sun shade all day and gets burned because the light has bounced up from the ground! So this next product sounds ideal for face protection it’s the ULTRASUN Very High Protection Face Sun Cream for Ultra Sensitive Skin SPF50+ 50ml.

Ultrasun Face

They say:

“The newest addition to the Ultrasun line-up delivers high (UVA 98% Australian Standard and UVB SPF50+), long-lasting sun protection under extreme sun conditions, combined with the highly effective, yet extremely rare anti-ageing enzyme Ectoin. Boasting a special liposome formula which hydrates the skin and helps reduce the signs of ageing, this high performance blend of ingredients is encapsulated in an easily absorbed matte anti-ageing cream for total beauty and peace of mind.”

Sounds to me that it’s a god send to be able to combine anti-ageing skin care with protection. It’s available here priced £24.00.

For my body I always struggle to find something that’s easy to apply myself. This GARNIER Ambre Solaire Clear Protect High SPF 50+ Body Spray 200ml seems like it will do the job. It’s very water-resistant and goes on clear and protects from UVA and UVB rays. It’s from one of the most well-known and trusted brands and it costs £14.50 here.
ambre solaire
I haven’t quite worked out how to carry fragrance and other liquids for travelling with all the restrictions that are in place. But I love to have fresh summer fragrances with me and I figure that one or two of these in my suitcase will fit the bill. The FRAGONARD Naturelles Eau De Toilette Minitatures Gift Set contains five natural eau de toilettes.
Fragonard eau de toilette
 They say:
“As light and fresh as spring dew, these five natural eau de toilettes (verbena, May rose, freesia, orange and cherry) come in elegant miniature bottles that slip discreetly into handbag, weekend case or glove compartment. A charming gift for enjoying nature’s most delicious offerings day after day!”
I think they would make a great gift from me to me! I can just imagine wearing them on a warm summer evening in Marrakech! The set is just £15.oo here.
I’ve been thinking too that I could do with some exfoliation and preparation of my skin and particularly on my shins. Why do they get so dry? I’ve used products from this brand before and they are always a delight so I have no hesitation in recommending this RITUALS Sweet Almond Oil & Indian Rose Himalaya Scrub 450g. 

rituals himalaya scrub

They say:

” Purifying Himalayan salt scrub. Revitalise your skin with this velvety soft and cooling body scrub.

  • This purifying scrub leaves a deep-acting, moisturising and protective film on your skin
  • Enriched with the luxurious fragrance of Indian rose and soothing sweet almond oil
  • Contains prehistoric crystal salts from the Himalayas which have a purifying and harmonising effect on inner balance and vitality
  • The ancient ayurvedic ingredient of fresh mint revitalises your body and has a refreshing effect”

I think that this would be perfect to use in the run up to my holiday to improve my skin and to calm and relax me. It costs £19.50 here.

Writing this has got me so pumped up for my holiday but the thing is I haven’t booked it yet! I’m going with my daughter and she’s tasked me with researching this afternoon so that we can book later today or at least by the weekend. So I’d better stop now and get this published.

I’m planning on doing some more posts about what I’m buying and dreaming of buying over the coming weeks. Do let me know if you know if you like this sort of thing and if there’s any particular product area you’d like me to cover.

All the products in today’s post are available from Marks & Spencer.

Are you planning any holidays this year? I’d love to hear about them.


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4 thoughts on “Holiday Planning – Morocco Here I Come!”

  1. The rituals shower oil in this range is fabulous too I use it all year round but its so good on holidays keeps skin soft and hydrated after day in the sun. Ultrasun didn’t work for me my face still burnt I took the Lancaster face one to Egypt recently and loved after years of trying brands finally no burnt face 😃 enjoy ur hols x


    1. Thanks Lisa. I’ve used the shower foam but not oil. So that will have to be next on my list. Thanks for the tip with Ultrasun. I guess it works differently depending on skintype. I do have another product in my stash to try that I think us from SkinPep so I might take a selection with me. I definitely don’t want to burn!


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