Review – Ultrasun Overnight Summer Skin Recovery Mask


I discovered Ultrasun when I was browsing sites just after I’d booked my holiday to Marrakech. I’d fallen for the romantic view of Morocco and it’s sun, spices and intrigue and was really planning to Rock the Kasbah!

As I browsed I started to think of the practicalities of being a pale skinned Brit in the Arabian heat and that’s when I came across Ultrasun. They say that they have “a product to suit every skin type and sun condition, Ultrasun gives a great level of protection from UVA and UVB rays with just one application a day.”

I really wanted to try some products ahead of my holiday but to be fair it’s not the easiest thing to do – after all, the warmest day we’ve had recently in London was 20C and that didn’t last for long.

So, I decided to try the Ultrasun Overnight Summer Skin Recovery Mask as this was something that I didn’t need sun for. This is a new launch available on QVC during April and then exclusively in Marks & Spencer from 13 May.

Ultrasun’s new launch delivers long-lasting hydration and overnight anti-ageing care for your skin after increased sun exposure. Like I said I hadn’t had too much sun but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t ready for plenty of hydration and anti-ageing care. It contains powerful brown algae actives encapsulated in a hyaluronic cage which allows maximum skin penetration. The cream absorbed into my skin really quickly and didn’t leave the usual greasy layer that you find in a night cream. There’s no perfume, mineral oils, emulsifiers, preservatives, silicones or alcohol.

The next morning my skin felt very smooth and taut and I can imagine that it would feel very calming after a day in the sun. I’ll be taking this with me on holiday for sure and hope to give you a more detailed review when I’m back.

You’ll see above in the photo that I’ll be trying two more Ultrasun products. One is the Shimmering Sun Lotion for sensitive skin.  I’ll have to wait to try out its sun protection qualities but it’s so gorgeous looking on the skin. It’s not glittery at all and I would say it’s not even a shimmer but a gorgeous sheen that enhances the look of the skin even without a tan.

Ultrasun Protection Glimmer Sensitive Formula All Day Protection SPF20 150ml comes in an airless pump dispenser to prevent product deterioration and contamination, It has a patented Liposome Complex to carry moisture deep into the skin, Ultrasun 20 delivers high all-day protection with just one application. Its tiny, golden “glimmers” raise protection by deflecting the sun’s rays. It’s free from oils, emulsifiers and perfume reducing the risk of allergy and making it especially suitable for sensitive skins. It’s non-greasy, water-resistant and easy to use.

And finally, I’ll be trying Ultrasun Lip ProtectionI think that this is something that you could use all year round as it’s fragrance-free and makes an ideal lipstick base but will be particularly useful in the harsh Moroccan sun. It’s SPF30 and it promises high-quality lip protection throughout the day. It has blackcurrant seed oil to moisturise and enrich. It is effective in all temperatures and at altitude and prevents and reduces inflammation and chapping. I’m hoping to be able to give you some favourable reports on this one too.

What sun products do you swear by? Have you tried any by Ultrasun? I’d love to hear about them.


These products were gifted to me for review but the opinions are my own and were not prescribed. This post contains affiliate links.


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