Discovering Ruby Cosmetics

Ruby cosmetics

I’ve just discovered this super little brand called Ruby Cosmetics. Its based in Blackpool and was started  in 2010 by Sophie Craig. It specialises in own-brand high quality cosmetics, including eyebrow make-up, lip gloss and eye-shadows.


Their Eyebrow Make-Up, Picture Perfect Brows comes with stencils to create  perfect brows. There is a choice of colours to suit your colouring. You only need to apply Picture Perfect Brows once.  The high quality ingredients giving you up to 24 hours, wear. They are water proof, smudge proof and sweat proof.

Smokey eyeshadow kit

smoky eyes

The Shades of Perfection – Smoky Eyeshadow Kit makes it easy to create a smokey look for day or night. There are four colours, and easy to follow instructions with a double ended applicator.


The Hollywood Shimmer Lip Gloss comes in three glamorous shimmery colours. It’s easy to apply and non-sticky.

I tried the charcoal brow colour with three of the smokey eye shades. I gave the black a miss as it’s a little dark for my colouring. I finished off the Ruby look with a slick of red lip gloss. It was a lovely evening look and those brows didn’t come off until I took my face off at the end of the day.

If you want to find out more then here’s where to look –


4 thoughts on “Discovering Ruby Cosmetics”

  1. I’ve never actually heard of this brand either! so glad you made a post on it otherwise I would of never of heard of them! loved your post would love it if you checked out my latest post 🙂 xxx


    1. To be honest I’ve never managed to get the hang of stencils. I also prefer a softer look than the stencil gives but it’s good to have everything in one place. The lip gloss is very pretty isn’t i!


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