Dermalogica & Sodastream Event – Working together to hydrate the nation

Dermalogica Sodastream

When ever I get an invite to a Dermalogica event I know I’m in for a treat. I’ve said before that I love how they think with their “this is not a beauty product, this is an investment in your skin” attitude.

So when I heard about their collaboration with Sodastream – well I just think it was – it is – inspired! We all know that the key to beauty is better hydration so what better way to achieve that than to combine two ways to hydrate – finding a fun and handy way to drink more water to hydrate from the inside and using top class skin products from Dermalogica to hydrate from the outside and keep your skin that way.

As is the norm at blogger events we had something sparkling to drink – but this time it wasn’t proscecco but refreshing sparking water courtesy of Sodastream. Then we had our faces mapped by the Dermalogica professionals to check for any problem areas. Mine was pretty good, although a little dehydrated.

Fortunately I was gifted some gorgeous hydrating products to test out:

You’ll be hearing from me on how they work in a future review as well as what I think of the Sodastream system.

The Dermalogica/Sodastream collaboration means that you’ll be able to give the whole “Carbonate, Excite, Hydrate” regime a try too.  Throughout June you will be able to purchase a Sodastream Source with a Dermalogica Hydration Skin trial set for £89.99 exclusively at 

SodaStream Dermalogica

Have you tried drinking more water to improve your skin? How did you get on? I’d love to hear about it.


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