Eve of St. Agnes Hydrating Body Cream – a wish come true!

Eve of St Agnes Hydrating Body Cream

It’s not often that you make a wish and that wish comes true within a few days is it? Well, that’s what happened when I made a wishlist recently and put this Eve of St. Agnes Hydrating Body Cream in my top picks from the Beauty Crowd website.

I’d vaguely heard of this brand but it hadn’t registered with me as being a British brand with hand-made products that sources ingredients from suppliers who work with Fairtrade and Community projects where ever possible. They include organic ingredients like sweet orange essential oil, Shea butter and thistle oil. Even better they are never tested on animals.

They say:

“This new body cream from Eve of St. Agnes has taken several years to develop and it’s just been awarded a silver skincare award! Designed to hydrate the skin using the power of plant oils and butters such as Cocoa Butter and Meadowfoam Seed Oil, without leaving the skin feeling sticky or greasy. An abundance of floral and citrus notes from a blend of sensual essential oils, including Rose Geranium, Rose de Mai, Frangipani and Orange combine to create a delicate, yet exotic fragrance.”

So after all my wishing what was it like? The packaging is really classy and the jar is a reassuringly heavyweight addition to my beauty shelf. The texture of the cream was surprisingly light – I’d say like a whipped cream consistency – a lot lighter than my last body cream. A little goes a long way and it soaks in quickly. It has a gorgeous scent which isn’t overpowering. It hasn’t quite conquered my dry shins but I think that I should give it a little while longer to beat that challenge!

Eve of St. Agnes Hydrating Body Cream 200ml

Oh, and I got another wish from my list granted yesterday too….more on that in another post! What would you wish for from Eve of St. Agnes or Beauty Crowd?


This post contains affiliate links. The product was gifted to me for review but the opinions are my own and aren’t prescribed.


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