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Autumn Winter Preview 2015 – Catalyst PR at No.11 Cavendish Square

When you’re a blogger it’s a sure sign that summer has arrived when all the Autumn & Winter previews begin! This week I had a lovely start to my Friday with a visit to the Orangery & Courtyard Garden at 11 Cavendish Square where Catalyst PR were hosting their Autumn/Winter Preview.

Catalyst AW Preview

I got there early so that I’d get the best chance to speak with the people behind some of my favourite brands. Even so, I didn’t even get to speak to half of the brands that were there. So I’ve made a list of their links below* to remind me who I need to catch up with next time and so that you can still find out more about them even if I did partly fail in my mission!

The first stand I went to visit was Dr Paw Paw. I’d been intrigued by this brand for so long but just last weekend I had put the Dr.PawPaw Tinted Peach Pink Balm at theDr Paw Paw top of my Weekend Wish List and so I thought it would be a great opportunity to try it out and find out mo

re about the brand.

I found out quite a bit including that in Australia where it originated the original balm is used for everything from lips to baby’s bottoms! Finding out that it was such a trusted brand made me even more keen to try it so I was thrilled to be given two tubes to try! I’ll be reviewing them in a separate post so you’ll see if I think they live up to the hype!



Then I got to meet the people from Nanokeratin SystemIt’s one of those names that you’ve heard of but don’t quite know what it’s about. They told me that it’s a smoothing treatment and then laughed when I automatically stroked down the flyaways on my hair – apparently, that’s a common reaction!

The benefits of the system are said to include eliminating frizz, repairing damage, reducing blowdry time, stopping colour fade and increasing shine and smoothness. I’ve come away with a few samples to try so I’ll be putting the system to the test with my over-processed, frizzy, coloured hair pretty soon.

Next stop was Phytomer UK , the marine cosmetic experts. In 1972 they launched the star seawater concentrate with its 104 trace elements. An incredible natural active ingredient with highly remineralizing properties.  I saw and tested one or two of their high tech skin care products including a replenishing oil and a firming lift cream.



Again it wasn’t a brand I was strongly aware of before this event but I’ve brought home their Seaweed Soap as a treat! So I’ll let you know more about that soon.

Then I honed in on a brand that I’ve already become very fond of – MicroCell. You’ll probably have seen my review hereIt’ s one of the best nail care products I’ve used and their top coat makes my polish last for days. They have some really cute colours too!


I was gifted a little top up for my collection and no doubt you’ll be hearing more from me on this best selling German brand!

Right next door I found another brand that I’ve been so interested in for ages. Mainly because of its packaging which is so collectable but also because I wondered what the hell it’s about – it’s Steam Cream!


Aside from getting to see some of the amazing autumn and winter tin designs, I found out that it’s named after the process that makes the cream so unique as it uses steam in the manufacturing process. It’s easily transportable in a bag or pocket as suitable for face or body. It softens, calms and restores vitality for radiant skin. I can definitely do with some of that. I came away with a tin inside my first Christmas related sample – so it may be a while before I review it!

Steam Cream

 Time was flying past and I moved across to talk to my new friends from Beauty Crowd. If you’ve been following my blog recently you’ll see that I’ve recently discovered their super website and have been coveting so many of their products. You can catch up on a couple of posts here and here that begin to cover some of the brands I’ve fallen in love with. It was such a busy stand and I was so busy getting to know the man behind the brand that I forgot to take any photos! Sorry, Neil! I can tell you thought that you’ll be hearing a lot more from me about Beauty Crowd.

Then I did a quick time check and realised I should have been at work 10 minutes ago! So I chose SexyHair2one last stand to visit and that was Sexy Hair UK with its eye-catching branding and imagery. Their products are fun, bright and different with some great ingredients: coconut oil, soy protein, honey and quinoa too!

I’ll be trying out my samples of Full Bloom, Blonde Bombshell Shampoo & Conditioner, Bright Blonde Shampoo & Soy Renewal Oil very soon.

Then it was time to rush off for a day at the office – not quite so glamorous but it pays some of the bills!

Here’s the list I promised. I hope that you enjoy exploring all the brands as much as I did.

*Brand Website List


This post contains affiliate links.


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