Review – Green Energy Organics Quick Lift Therapy Anti Age Lift Effect Face Mask

Last night I finally got round to trying out the Quick Lift Therapy Anti Age Lift Effect Face Mask from Green Energy Organics. You may remember me writing about their launch back in July. If you missed that post you can find out all about the brand and products here.

Quick Lift Therapy

After the event, I was invited to choose a product to test and I selected this mask as I can always do with a bit of a lift and was intrigued to see if a product that was green, organic and natural could actually have a really good lifting effect.

I have to say that I’m a bit lazy when it comes to treatments (although I always cleanse and moisturise day and night) so I had let this mask sit in my drawer for several weeks before finally deciding that tonight (well, last night) was the night!

Quick Lift Therapy

I opened the pouch and took out the sheet mask. It was a lot more substantial than I expected and whilst it was (very!) sticky once I had peeled off the backing paper it wasn’t oozing serum like a lot of sheet masks do.

I applied it and found it easy to put in place although I felt that the eye holes were a little small and stretched them a bit so that the product didn’t go in my eye. I set the timer for 30 minutes and settled down to relax.

Now you ‘ll forgive me for being a little cynical but I wasn’t expecting much and was really just waiting to be able to take the thing off and get to bed. But when the time was up and the ask came off easily with no messy residue I touched my face and….it felt like someone else’s skin! Like the softest velvet and so firm and when I looked in the mirror at my nose to mouth lines they had softened significantly and on the right side there wasn’t a line at all! What?? This was so crazy!  I just have to say that this is the best mask I have ever tried. I cannot recommend it highly enough. You have to try this now and don’t waste time umming and ahhing about it. Do it now!

I tried the mask before reading the claims on the website so that they wouldn’t influence my thoughts on the outcome of the trial. They say:

“This amazing gel face mask helps to fortify the skin and restore it to a more youthful look. It adds volume and lifts the skin. With regular use, it will diminish the visible signs of ageing on your skin and will restore your natural moisture levels. It effectively stimulates cell turnover which in time will improve skins luminosity and firmness. With the use of Green Tea and Orange Flowers, it prevents the appearance of dark spots and skin slacking. Revitalised and “re-plumped”, skin is visibly more supple, radiant with freshness and youth. Gluten Free. “

I’d say that it outperformed the claims wouldn’t you?

Do you have any favourite organic products? I’d love to hear about them.


This product was gifted to me for review but the opinions are my own and not prescribed.


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