Olay Memories and New Reviews

When I was establishing my beauty routine as a teenager my cleanser was Ann French Cleansing Milk (which I didn’t realise is still available) and my moisturiser was Oil of Ulay, the pink one in the square bottle. That was all I needed then and I’m sure that the updated equivalent Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid  would really do me just fine today too.

So when I got the chance to try some Olay beauty products recently I knew that there was a whole lot of experience invested in this classic brand and I wanted to see what today’s formulas were all about.


The first product I tried was the Olay Total Effects Age Defying Wet Wipes (£4.79). Now, even though all the beauty experts say that face wipes are a no no I was quite up for trying these. The blurb said that they remove all dirt, make up and even waterproof mascara without water. More than that they help reduce the appearance of fine lines, helps reduce skin surface dullness for a radiant healthy looking glow, helps skin to look and feel smoother, visibly reduces the appearance of pores , exfoliates skin, helps to reveal an even skin tone, hydrates and softens skin.

So, they sounded like they would work magic….and they almost did. They took away all my make-up and left my skin feeling clean and soft but taking off my eye-makeup was a disaster. It came off easily but it made my eyes sting and water. I really don’t have sensitive skin or eyes so I figured that this was too strong a formula for my face. So disappointing.Olay

 Olay Total Effects Anti-Ageing Day Moisturiser SPF15 (14.99) is a global award winner which promises to defy the seven signs of aging. It exfoliates, contains vitamins and has SPF15.
I’ve been using it daily for the last week or so. Pleasingly housed in a pump dispenser you only need a tiny amount to cover your whole face. It’s quite a light fluid and absorbs quickly and isn’t at all oily. It sits well under my make-up and gave me the right level of SPF for the british weather. I really wanted to say that this wowed me – it must have won awards for a reason but I wasn’t blown away by it. It’s a perfectly adequate moisturiser I just didn’t get that buzz from using it – you know – that feeling when you can’t stop touching your skin because it feels so great?
So Olay, I’m really sorry but I think I’ll stick with my memories and the days of Oil of Ulay. Oh and it won’t surprise people to know that I still think that it’s Marathon and not Snickers, Opal Fruits and not Starburst and Jif and not Cif!
These products were gifted to me for review but the opinions are my own and aren’t prescribed. This post contains affiliate links.

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