Review – Style Masters Smooth Iron Guard

Style Masters Smooth Iron Guard

With my wavy, fly away hair that has a tendency to frizz I’m always hopeful of finding a hair product that can give me smooth controlled styling. I was keen to try this Style Masters – Smooth Iron Guard and approached using it as I usually do – as  someone with little knowledge of hair products and not wanting to read anything about the effects of the product beforehand so that I could give an unbiased account of how it worked for me.

So in a bit of a rush getting ready for work earlier this week I picked up what I assumed was a spray can of Style Masters – Smooth Iron Guard held it close to my hair and sprayed – and a big blob of the balm dropped on my top! To be fair there isn’t any reference on the product to it being a balm and I’m used to this kind of product coming in a spray but I still felt a bit of a fool and I’d suggest that you have look at the video clip here to find out how best to use it .

Anyway, once I’d cleaned myself up I put a new blob of product in my hand and smoothed it through the lengths of my hair, blow dried it and then straightened it. It was reassuring to know that it was protecting my hair which has suffered from heat damage on the ends in the past. It also made straightening it a lot easier and the smooth straight look I achieved didn’t frizz up at the first hint of dampness in the air.

They say:

“Disciplines rebellious hair. Straightens hair temporarily. Silky effect. Tames and controls tangled and wavy hair. Natural shine and movement. Does not add weight. Non-sticky. Protects hair from the heat of irons and hairdryers.”

I don’t disagree with any of that so it gets a big thumbs up from me! You can find it on sale in salons (find your local salon here) and comes in at around £10 for 150ml.


This product was gifted to me for review but the opinions are my own and are not prescribed.


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