Discovering Ole Henriksen Skincare

Ole Henriksen

I don’t know if you have the same kind of experience as me – you’re always seeing brands in stores and on-line that catch your eye and you make a mental note to try them and then you’re distracted by something or someone else. Well for me Ole Henriksen was one of those brand names that kept jumping out at me. I’m often attracted to Scandinavian brands as I lived in Copenhagen for a year when I was 20 and then worked for a Swedish family for more than 3 years. But it turns out that was all a bit of a red herring as whilst he encapulates Scandinavian values in the Ole Henriksen brand it has it roots firmly on LA (Sunset Boulevard no less!).

Ole started off sharing his  advice with beauty editors, celebrities and clients at his Hollywood spa before sharing his secrets more widely. Over many years of treating skin he has found solutions to every major skin concern personally formulating each product.

I’ve taken my first exploratory steps into the world of Ole Henriksen Skincare with the Ole Henriksen Three Little Wonders Mini Gift SetThis is such a great way to find put if a skin care brand and regimen suits you or not. The travel/trial sizes mean that you can use the products for a couple of weeks and properly assess the effect on your skin and whether you have any reactions to the products and most importantly whether you can see any improvements. When I buy products to try out I’m not usually able to afford to buy more than one product from a range and inevitably these things work better in synergy with other elements of the range as they are designed to work together – so this set is the perfect solution.

The Ole Henriksen Three Little Wonders Mini Gift Set aims to combat all visible signs of ageing, revealing healthy and radiant looking skin. It includes:

  • truth serum collagen booster 9.76ml – a vitamin C rich serum to boost collagen production and restore radiance
  • invigorating night treatment 7g – an overnight resurfacing gel to improve the texture of skin, help to reduce the appearance of dark spots and smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • sheer transformation 7g – an everyday oil-free moisturiser to improve skin tone and texture and reduce the appearance of dark spots

What I found was that the truth serum should be used under the sheer transformation moisturiser by day and then at night you use the night treatment again with the transformation moisturiser. So you don’t need to be a mathematician to work out that if I ran out of the moisturiser before I came to the end of the serum and night treatment. So that I didn’t waste the remaining products I substituted a moisturiser and a night cream from other brands. Maybe  something for Ole to think about for future production –  to increase the size of the moisturiser.

But now to tell you how the products worked for me. The truth serum (that has a bit of an Orwellian 1984 sound to it doesn’t it!) has a really comforting feel which together with the moisturiser gave my skin a great fresh look that felt firming to the touch. The night treatment is a gel formulation and it was great to have such an intense treatment that was oil free. I’ve been really pleased with how, as an holistic regimen it’s kept up the moisture levels and clarity of my skin. I can’t say that it’s been transformational but its way up there with some of the best brands I’ve used.

The Ole Henriksen Three Little Wonders Mini Gift Set costs £18 from Escentual here. If you’re ready to go right in and try full size products or want to take a look at other gift sets then you can find them all here.

Have you come across the Ole Henriksen brand before? What products have you tried?


This product was gifted to me for review but the opinions are my own and are not prescribed. This post contains affiliate links.


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