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For this holiday season, I heard that has Dermalogica has six limited edition sets on offer. As I’d been having some time at home where I hadn’t really felt well enough to focus on makeup and skin care (I must have really been sick right?!) I thought it was a good time to give myself a little pamper and selected the Body Therapy Essentials Set to try.

DErmalogica Body Therapy

The Body Therapy Essentials Set contains Conditioning Body Wash, Body Hydrating Cream and Stress Relief Treatment Oil.

The Conditioning Body Wash is a rich, skin conditioning botanical cleanser for use all over your body. It doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances or colours. Included in its ingredients are fragrant oils such as Sandalwood, Lavender, Orange, Lemon Peel, and Rosemary. So as well as feeling nourishing and luxurious the scent is gorgeous too.

The Body Hydrating Cream is an advanced body cream that promises to help tone and smooth all skin conditions. It’s for use after cleansing when it helps lock in moisture. It uses lactic acids and natural hydroxy acid extracts from Sugar Cane and Apple. It incorporates essential oils such as Lavender, Patchouli and Orange combine with Green Tea to soothe and soften. Again it has no artificial fragrances or colours. I found that the formula was easily absorbed and not greasy and the scent boosted what remained from using the Body Wash in the shower.

The Stress Relief Treatment Oil is an aromatic body treatment oil that can be used for massage, added to your bath or for skin conditioning. it contains advanced Silicones for their skin smoothing properties and includes essential oils of Sandalwood, Lavender, Orange and Clary Sage. Extracts of Tea Tree, Lemon, and Ylang-Ylang aim to counteract the negative effects of stress to help you relax for the ultimate in relaxation. No artificial fragrances and colours.

Now I’m not really one for massage and I don’t have a bath anymore only a shower (I have to admit I do miss my bath – I mean you can’t use a bath bomb in a shower can you?) so I haven’t tried out the oil yet but I’m planning on using the tip suggested by Dermalogica to use it to intensify the Body Hydrating Cream by adding one pump of the oil to the cream and blending it in for a relaxing treat.

I think that this set, containing travel sizes of the products for just £15.50 makes a really lovely gift for Christmas or a treat for you when you need a bit of pampering or to try before you commit to buying full sizes.

The other sets in the range provide the full spectrum of skin care treats and I would bet that you can find something here to fit all tastes and budgets. Here’s a brief note of the other sets in the range for you to explore.

  • Favourites Kit £30.00 Daily Microfoliant™, MultiActive Toner, Skin Hydrating Masque and MultiVitamin Power Firm
  • Active Moist Set £44.60 100ml Active Moist moisturiser, travel size Dermal Clay Cleanser and a limited edition facial cleansing mitt
  • Skin Smoothing Cream Set £47.70 100ml Skin Smoothing Cream moisturiser, a travel size Special Cleansing Gel and a limited edition facial cleansing mitt
  • Super Rich Repair Set £62.85 50ml Super Rich Repair moisturiser, a travel size Skin Resurfacing Cleanser and a limited edition facial cleansing mitt
  • Intensive Moisture Balance Set £55.50 100ml Intensive Moisture Balance moisturiser,  a travel size Essential Cleansing Solution and a limited edition facial cleansing mitt
  • Clear Start Set £13.70 Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash, Breakout Clearing Overnight Treatment and Breakout Clearing Pore Control Scrub

Have you tried any Dermalogica products? I’d love to hear about your experiences.


This product was gifted to me for review but the opinions are my own and aren’t prescribed.


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