Loving (and losing) Nyx Cosmetics


I’ve heard so much about Nyx cosmetics since I’ve been blogging but I’m not one for queuing and each time I’ve seen a Nyx stand at a show people have been falling over themselves to get their hands on goodies from the range. So you can imagine how chuffed I was when I found the Satin Finish Brown Liner and the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sparkle Leopard in a recent goodie bag.

Now I love eyeliner but have found as I’ve got older that black eyeliner is a little harsh and so I prefer to use more  muted colours and have a gorgeous dark grey one from Dior that I love. The other issue I have with liner is that I tend to avoid pencils that need sharpening as you always waste so much product through sharpening.

Still I was ready to give these two beauties a go. The Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sparkle Leopard is a lovely metallic copper shade with a hint of sparkle in it too. It’s great as a subtle liner and I find this colour brings out the blue in my eyes but it’s also great as a shadow so I decided to team it up with the Satin Finish Brown Liner for a lovely neutral look.

I put primer on my lid, in this instance I used Benefit Air Patrol but any eye primer will do and then put the Sparkle Leopard Pencil all over my mobile lid and into the crease. Then I used the liner close to my lashes as it’s a more intense shade. Loved the look and liked it so much I thought I’d buy a sharpener to keep the liner at it’s best.

Now this is where everything went wrong. I bought a cheap sharpener from a high street store. I used it on my precious Nyx Satin Finish Brown Liner and it split right down the middle! I had to throw it and the sharpener in the bin!

So now I don’t know whether it’s worth investing in a better quality sharpener – or going back to the way I was with only buying pencils that you can twist up. I’m in a bit of a pickle really. So now you now the story of how I loved and lost – they say it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all – so I am glad I found these Nyx products.

The Jumbo Eye Pencils are £5 each here and the Satin Finish Brown Liner costs £6.50 here.

Have you got any Nyx products in your collection? Do you love them too?


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