Freedom Make-Up – Pro Strobe Palettes

freedom palettes

Back in September I told you my first thoughts on the Freedom Makeup brand and what an amazing range of products were available from Superdrug. (It’s here if you missed it). And now I’ve had the chance to try out two Freedom strobing palettes – yes two? Why would I need two?

This was the first thing I asked on Twitter when I received the Pro Powder Strobe Palette and the Pro Cream Strobe Palette in the post. Some of my lovely MUA friends very quickly responded with the answer that I needed to use both – and at the same time. Apparently you use the cream one first and the powder (in the same shade) on top to set it – who knew?

Strobe cream palette

Each of the palettes comes with a brush, and the highlighting and contouring shades are contained in glossy compact with a great sized mirror.

For the cream palette there are three matte highlighters. From left to right in the top photo (top palette, top row) the shades are Beige Highlight, Yellow Highlight, Highlight. There are three contour shades (bottom row) Light Contour, Deep Contour, Medium Contour.

For the powder palette there are two matte highlighters and a shimmer highlighter. From left to right in the top photo (bottom palette, top row) the shades are Beige Highlight, Yellow Highlight, Shimmer Highlight. There are three matte contour shades (bottom row) Light Contour, Dark Contour, Medium Contour.

The brushes are a shape I’ve not used before (I’m sure that there is a special name for them but I’ll leave that to those who know to tell me what it’s called) but I found that they were soft and pliable and it was easy to use the corner for highlighting small areas like the cupids bow or down the bridge of the nose. I then used the broad edge for contouring on my cheeks and jaw line.

I can’t say that I got the look right the first time around but these are palettes that you can afford to play with and not worry about the cost. They’re just £10.00 each! Superdrug also have them on a 3 for 2 deal at the moment so you can afford to pick something else too!

There are so many great products to choose from this brand, like this Freedom Studio Glow Tonic or the brow pomades that you’ll find remind you of some other very famous brands and so so much more!


These products were gifted to me for review but the views are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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