Pro Studio Strobe Cream from Freedom

Stobe Cream.jpg

Ok so I’ve had a little to say about strobing in the past when I showed you Freedom Strobing Palettes here. Now they’ve added a Pro Studio Strobe Cream. It’s not so much the kind of highlighter that comes in a variety of shades that give your skin a warm glow it’s comes in just one single silvery white shade that looks a bit like the sunlight has made your skin glimmer as it catches your cheek bones or your cupids bow.

I’ve applied it to areas that I want to emphasise and catch the light and also on occasions as a base under (or mixed with) my foundation to light up my complexion. Applied under make up it gives a subtle glow but applied on top of make-up it’ll allow you to build up from a subtle sheen to a glamorous highlighted look.

It feels really smooth on the skin and is good value at £8 which is a third of the price of the high end brand equivalent.

So many great things coming out of this brand lately. How many have you tried?


This post contains PR samples and affiliate links.


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