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Blooming Lovely Flowers! – from BloomonUK


I always think that having flowers in the house really makes it feels like home and even when pay day seems a long way away I try to find a couple of pounds for a bunch or two – my excuse of course is that I need them for my blog!

Bloomon1This week I discovered a new way to make sure that the house is always full of flowers. I came across BloomonUK when I was at a blogging event last week, although I didn’t really know I had. I mean I noticed right away that the flowers were amazing but I didn’t know about the concept behind the brand BloomonUK and how they’ve designed a home delivery service that’s a bit like those deliveries of organic vegetables that you can subscribe to – except that it’s much more creative and a whole lot prettier!


The flowers are composed using the flowers of the season and delivered straight from the field to your door – in the evening! How amazing is that, a company that understands that we have things to do during the day!

You choose the size of the “bunch” that you would like, small, medium or large (as in the picture above), how often you would like them delivered (choose bi-monthly or monthly) and they’ll be delivered to your home.


I had the medium size delivered, it costs £24.95 and if you take advantage of the special preview deal they have at them moment it comes with a vase as a welcome gift. One of the things I really liked too was that you receive a card that tells you about the flowers you’ve received – my included a Harlequin Rose and a Calla (considered to be a lucky flower by the Greeks and Romans).

If you take a look at the website  BloomonUK you’ll see more examples of the stunning flowers that have made up some of their previous deliveries. I’m loving mine and I’m sure that you’ll be seeing more of them in my blog photos over the next few days.



These flowers were gifted to me for review but the words are my own and aren’t prescribed.


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